38 thoughts on “Bencb's TOP 10 Event Poker Gamers!”
  1. Alex says:

    What kind of player is C. Darwin2?

  2. Iola 20 says:

    Matthias Eibinger?

  3. Lars Vegas says:

    Giraf not on your list?

  4. Lars Vegas says:

    Nr 1. Pause the Video for now. Who do you think who i think is the best tournament player. Right. It's me, Bencb!

  5. frogggo says:

    nr. 1 is you

  6. Neel Beke says:

    Lol no Fedor Holz?

  7. bjjseba says:

    wonder why no probirs here hmm

  8. Lefteyes Sanjikun says:

    Limitless crown up ….???!!!

  9. Paul Gibbons - author, speaker, podcaster says:

    No Americans. Might have to rename the game – Stockholm Hold Em or Vienna Hold EM

  10. deidmoose says:

    Anyone that can win the Sunday million 3 times clearly doesn't run like me on pokerstars!

  11. dunkleosteos says:


  12. Auktioneronline se says:

    Just listen to podcast in Swedish with Lena900, they asked him how he match up vs your yoga and cold showers… he answear he now wake up before he go to bed and do yoga then he take 2 cold showers and 1 more yoga class I got inspired then he admited he was only joking and its still 3 cup off black coffe then he sit down and grind.

  13. Auktioneronline se says:

    Here they are
    1. C.Darwin2
    2. Fish2013
    3. Lena900
    4. Sasuke234
    5. European
    6. Robinho
    7. Probirs
    8. Veeea
    9. Adamo the luck box
    10. Lillmose they guy with worst bad beats from Jerimias in pokerstars history.

    If you want easy money ben you just call Lena and make a side bet him and c.darwin2 vs your 4 and 5 I think he would not hesitate bet 1 million over 1000 turnaments.

  14. LuckBox P. says:

    Really like Ben's top 10. I don't believe in all time cashes to say how good a player is ,specially with tournaments like The One drop. My top 3 MTTs are Bencb, Apestyles and pads atm

  15. Patrick Liang says:

    Where is Phil hellmuth?

  16. Tu Bui says:

    What about LLinusLLove? I know he is a cashgame reg, but he good at MTTs too.

  17. Nicolás fuentes vidal says:

    where will you rank TOMATEE??

  18. Juan Money says:

    Malaka, RuiNF, NerdGuy e Conor maybe top ten players

  19. Gunther hunter says:

    ROFLSHOVE should prob be in there imo

  20. Callum Wain says:

    Do you know why they aren’t sick live grinders because once they get a stack online they get all of the luck and you don’t see as many set up hands in real life, lot less of a skill gap online in that a shit player can just get lucky and win, for example Phil Ivey would never in a million years win the Sunday million and he is possibly the greatest poker player of all time, it is between him and Phil hellmuth, has an online grinder ever won the wsop main event

  21. Pierre Estrade says:

    Fedor? Apestyle? Connor?

    Was curious also to have your opinion on Lex and BBZ

    Nice video anyway, you come with good arguments and as you said it’s also about you playing them and how comfy you feel. For sure any of us has his own list

  22. Michael Prummer says:

    excuse me, where is the mtt goat Fedor Holz? he should definitely me be at least in top 3

  23. Кирилл says:


  24. son goku says:

    is fedor a friend or is he not playing enough anymore? for me he is one of the most logical thinking players without using softwares so much.

  25. אסף סלמן says:


  26. אסף סלמן says:


  27. king kong says:

    Very nice List Ben☺♥

  28. Malte Jansson says:

    Where would you rank probirs (andras nemeth)?

  29. Michael Simic says:

    What about Trueteller and Wiktor?

  30. Alex says:

    Hi! Can you make a video about "how to label your oppenonets at the poker table and which colors do you use for each other?"

  31. Trenton Luettich says:

    I swear Im always seeing Sam Greenwood on a high roller final table… no respect smh

  32. Matthew McEwan says:

    How is Apestyles not in the top 10?

  33. jose L says:

    What about bruno botteon?

  34. ic1101 says:

    Mike Matesow, Kevin Hart, scarf guy, Eli Elezra, Jamie Gold, Kassoufs moaning female opponent from that main event. The guy that got his knob out and threw his shoe at a dealer, any chess player, Todd waiting for aces Brunson and potripper are my top ten

  35. Paranoik93 says:

    Juan pardo. Malakastyle:)))

  36. Fede_esp97 * says:

    What do you think about Malakastyle? (Juan Pardo)

  37. After No Belo says:

    Bencb, please tell us Brazilians what you think about Yuri "TheNERDguy" and where more less would you rank him, thx. Great Video.

  38. Korbinian Bierl says:

    Just curious, where would you rank wizowizo aka ole schemion ?

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