8 thoughts on “Berkey & Landon Tice to Return to Poker After Darkish | S4Y VLOGCAST S2 Ep38 | Remedy For Why”
  1. Ol'man Coffey says:

    I think the no 1 mistake Rampage did was to just projecting insecurity and humbleness, using words and phrases like "oh, I don't know. . ." or "I feel like. . ." instead of "I think that. . ." Personally, I think by far the worst player you've had on was Nick Howard, who could say things like (I'm paraphrasing): "I'm not gonna bother explaining this. . ." Uh?!

  2. Mark Rumbaugh says:

    My weirdest cop pull-over story: Many years ago my friend call to ask me if I could pick up his girlfriend whose car had broken down on the side of the road. Unbeknownst to me I made an illegal turn (not a big deal, it was a strange intersection) as we where leaving. We decided to get some food and there was a Burger King a few blocks away. As soon as we completed ordering our food, a cop lit us up IN THE DRIVE-THRU, at the speaker.

  3. Brent Bishop says:

    I’m interested in the up coming home schooling.

  4. Richard C says:

    Come to Florida! Hard rock baby!

  5. The Poker Student says:

    Hey is there a sticker shock to these 5 week training? Is that why price wasn't mentioned. I'm homebound till I get shots so I'm very interested. How much?

  6. Kayla Morgan says:

    Angle shoot aledgely

  7. George Rice says:

    It took me all of 5 minutes to find ranches and animals grazing not far from the road on US-95 on Google Earth, which is probably the road you guys drove down on from Tahoe (The Bundy Ranch is in the desert outside Vegas, for one, but Northeast from Vegas). They were too far to tell for certain if they were cows or horses (looked more like horses). Plus there are wild horses and donkeys in the desert. It might have seemed funny to city-folk, but the cop probably knew what he was talking about. There have no doubt been incidents where motorists have hit these animals and the COPs had to deal with the aftermath (and cows move slow, so if one escapes and is crossing the road when Berkey's Maserati arrives travelling 95 MPH, RIP S4Y). Travel safely guys!

  8. ninjap323 says:

    Has Christian lost bet yet?

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