29 thoughts on “Big $20,000 Candy Bonanza Bonus Purchase 🍭 $500 HIGH-ROLL SPINS”
  1. Tyron clive says:

    Can feel that 1 million hit soon.. Twitch- cryptoclive27

  2. Uncle Traveling Mac says:

    FeelsBadMan- uncletravelingmac

  3. Jastej Hundal says:

    Knew it wasn't gonna be good when I saw a 5 min video 🙁 – MUDrStage

  4. Mic Cartman says:

    Saw how long they vid was & thought this was gonna rip just proofs u don’t always win great content

  5. Ozzy McLeod says:

    Ayezee my dude my twitch name is capnfun

  6. Toni romero Gm says:

    Bro I don’t why but the sweet bonanza isn’t as sweet as it used to be

  7. K3nny2911 says:

    How to blow 22k in less than 3 minutes – k3nny2911

  8. Jared N Jess says:

    So sooooorrrry!!!!


  9. Amy Lee says:


  10. Jonas T says:

    A great win always comes after a loss. – jtonas91

  11. Elvir Cimirotic says:

    Sorry mate


  12. Natasha Wilson says:

    ♥️♥️sending love and strength xxx

  13. Scott Weber says:

    Let's see…. maybe if you actually streamed your luck would turn around? JK <3 – CoolGingerGinger

  14. William Zobac says:

    Ouch – Twitch: Ferrier13

  15. Friso Klaver says:

    Twitch: friso5

  16. Helxor says:

    That’s unlucky, good luck next time though! -helxorr

  17. james mcbride says:

    Man with your money can take it.. Loads of money. Thedale9

  18. Kevin Vrake says:

    sweet banana is a scam now there are more random fruit on each board which there didn't used to be they made it worse

  19. milos stankovic says:

    A short video means just one thing. bad luck mate. milos98po

  20. Kyle Kent says:

    I'd love to see you do a session of 'realistic' spins, a lot of people do less than €1/£1/$1 spins. Be cool to see if your return.

  21. traynorbhoy says:

    You & Foss have far too much money. You both should be doing far better than gambling invested money into these shit shows. I dont mind watching people with normal stakes and normal incomesm but you both are ripping big time. Put it into something useful rather than spunking 300k to win 100k and think its a great return.

  22. Eric Laden says:

    me everytime i play sweet sweet

  23. Sander Son says:

    Nice one. HarveyScepter

  24. ElGauchooooo says:

    That hurt a lot.. ouch! Good luck tomorrow then 🙂 – roflokopter

  25. Overtakee says:

    GL – overtakee

  26. Richard Berry says:

    I have a mental awareness charity and anti drug. U shoulmdo a 10 k buy and help us bro

  27. Lars says:

    I joined twitch because of you :-), kick ass dude – lars1000x

  28. David Raizman says:


  29. Andy Bashford says:

    Yoyo @ayezee couldn't send u message on discord hope you get better soon bud

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