18 thoughts on “BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT on DANCING DRUMS! As much as $220/BET!”
  1. Hala byo͞odəfəl says:

    Good luck to you

  2. Epic scratcher Fl says:

    You are on fire.Ill be back next week.No one wants to go today.
    Keep the Benjis rollin

  3. Nano Nano says:

    Quick question Lady Luck . How bad are the off camera losses

  4. daboys within says:

    Just love your voice lady L!

  5. Mario Reviews says:

    Gonna head to Tulalip bingo this Easter Saturday for slots. Wish me luck Lady Luck. Plus 1 year from this summer is Las Vegas 2022 trip.

  6. Clarence ob says:

    Some body was “bent.” Lol ❤️

  7. the lang life says:

    Just saying hello keep up the good work

  8. GVO Slots says:

    You always hit on this!! Gotta give it our best shot next time! #GVO

  9. RICH Willis says:

    How long do you sit before you hit a jackpot? I sat for 8 hours kept on getting small jack pots! Soon as I got up the next person won 18,000! The Casino should tell people the jackpot is 30 spins away! Not fair!

  10. Tamara Clarke says:

    Lucky lady

  11. rudy ngemski says:

    I'm from indonesia.. Fans my dear

  12. john arcillas says:

    Hiyyyeee my awesome friend lady luck Fran hq!!!…great win and playing with you today. Hopefully you hit and ran quickly to enjoy your win. Okay see you tomorrow byyeee Johnny from Chicago

  13. Look 4 Laughs says:

    mmmm was a nice jackpot but the machine overall was mean ☹

  14. jeff funke says:

    Wow, just when you were about to give up. Bada bing, we got a winner! Not to sound lame, but the colors on that game were very beautiful. Great round! Cheers!

  15. Lori G says:

    Great win! Congrats!!

  16. Peggy Quinones says:

    Good evening good luck

  17. Gillermo Torres says:

    I'd like to invite you to lake Charles in Louisiana to the laberge or golden nugget an hour away from Conroe Tx. Good luck.

  18. Aaron W says:

    I love your videos still awesome stuff

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