19 thoughts on “BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT On Excessive Restrict Dragon Hyperlink Slot | Dwell Slot Machine Jackpot Received ! Las Vegas 2021”
  1. Tara Sabrina says:

    How do you know when the progressives are maxed out?

  2. Jamie Afford says:

    Brisbane Australia

  3. Truth Talker says:

    Saying I told you is Rude!

  4. Claire Bergman says:

    Great job ng. I love how you laugh and happy

  5. Wynn Wynn says:

    NG: dont worry about your pin number, worry about loosing your players card like you do with the ROLEX. LOL

  6. space life says:

    Huuuffff and puuuufffff hahaha

  7. space life says:

    Oh borat from Armenia hahha

  8. David Vincent says:

    Ng, you sound like Count von Count from sesame street. Haha

  9. Nick Grebenc says:

    Good job ng. You are the best. Peace. Nick from Toronto.

  10. stephanie thomas says:

    Great job NG! Lol

  11. caddyman1962pp says:

    Good luck ng from Detroit mi

  12. SAMOAN61983 says:

    Watching from car ride back home from Vegas

  13. Newkey Aaron says:

    I stopped my job because of this seek out on the internet for g r e a t e a s y p a y

  14. joni strand says:

    Good job Ng!

  15. De Padarathsingh says:

    So I like most days how you determined you play, its ballsy. I don't think that particular win as you already had most of that earlier in the video, it literally just gave you the money back a second time, which doesn't happen very often… Nice job. Please with the "jackpot handpay" it's either a handpay or a jackpot " … Love the channel

  16. Rebecca Kay says:

    Congratulations NG!

  17. kenny collins says:


  18. Debby S says:

    Just wow…you've been "on fire" lately…this a.m's video & now this one. Enjoyed watching.

  19. Raymond Mcintosh says:

    It was soooo nice to ng

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