21 thoughts on “BIG TROUBLE IN THE $2/5 GAME! // Poker Vlog 26”
  1. Fred Lang says:

    Nice comeback after a difficult start.
    Out of curiosity, why is there a sheet of paper handed with the pot at 6:35?

  2. Craig Roberts Poker says:

    Hey Cato, the video is complete and uploaded.

  3. Brent Peterson says:

    You have some leaks in your game. I recommend watching Bart Hanson. The AK hand was bloated by you initially raising to 35. Which means it gets further bloated on the flop. A dry k55 flop you should go 40ish percent flop. The run out was terrible! Yes, the had a five… dont be results orientated. Calling with 52 offsuit to a 7x open is atrociously bad play. I would of folded river, not worried about a 5, but worried about kq or kj. On the river what hands do you beat with how the action unfolded? Your sizing became much better throughout the session. Results orientated isn't always correct. The pocket 3s. A raise on the turn is better. It's apparent someone has a 7, they'll never fold! Watch Bart Hanson, to reiterate, you'll learn a ton!! Nice comeback though, not how you start it's how you finish. Oh, and In and out sounded amazing. Cheers mate!

  4. Jia Tang says:

    What’s up poker beast, is everything alright with u ? This fan is still waiting for ur new videos.

  5. steven189111 says:

    It's April 2nd – Where are you? No video in over a week? Your Subscriber Number will soon pass Your Royal Highness Brad Owen!

  6. Wrenlin Whitelight says:

    Hey poker brother! Saw your comment on DNegs live stream, great channel you have here, sir.

  7. rob moorman says:

    From $120 buy ins to two 1k bullets!!! Someone got their taxes and stimmy!!!! Lol don’t go broke

  8. The E.A.T. Podcast says:

    Hey there, would love to get you on our podcast to discuss your poker success and videos. Where can we send an official email request?

  9. nicciblack2671 says:

    Love your content… your vlog is by far the BEST and i watch pretty much all of them. If you're ever on the east coast, stop by MGM(National Harbor) in Oxon Hill Md…it's right outside Washington D.C.
    I would love to play with you!!!

  10. Jerry Kellerman says:

    Atta boy

  11. crvolkert2 says:

    Thanks for posting this! I'm playing my first 2/5 game on Sat, and I'm nervous about that jump as well.

  12. Alex Russell says:

    Hey Vaughn, nice seeing your channel here on YouTube, I’m the guy that sat next to your dad on the plane from Dallas to Wichita!

  13. Jared says:

    First hand illustrates a rule of thumb from Harrington’s book that newer players miss… small hand, small pot, big hand, big pot. Your bet sizings were way to big, and made for too large of a pot to properly navigate. Initial preflop bet should be 3-4x bb unless you’ve seen a weird dynamic at your table. The c-bet was too big. Think “could worse call me”. Turns out no. Only better would call you. By that point, you’ve built a massive pot for only having a one pair hand.

  14. Edison Shields says:

    Just some friendly advice…… don't call a $60 dollar bet with ace high and a king on the board when someone raised pre and he's betting into TWO people. How you'd ever think "my hand is good enough to call" in that spot drove me absolutely crazy lol. That kind of justification is how you're going to bleed thousdands of dollars over your life in cash games. Just a heads up.

  15. baycan gunes says:

    Atleast you guys over there can play, our casinos have not opened the poker rooms for 1 year now .

  16. Carpe Diem says:

    “Buying in for $1000 of my own money.” ???

  17. Richie Vegas says:

    enjoy vegas !! maybe ull get to meet brad

  18. Graeme Krone says:

    Wow, that was cool, nice job! This is the first time I've watched your vlog….I subscribed. Thanks! Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

  19. Hatters House 710 says:

    Headed to Jamul today …should start playing the 1/3 around 3 pm..ill tell them you sent me

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    好的平台是关键, 这里你想玩的游戏都有!

  21. Andrew Gay says:

    I was so mad when you got coolered in that first hand…these dumbasses playing 5-2o ugh ugh ugh lol. Glad you got it all back!

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