8 thoughts on “🔝 BIG WIN! Excessive-Restrict Slot Machine HANDPAY 🖐 Gotta Make. That. Money.”
  1. Jennifer Kinchen says:

    And what did Brain say…..

  2. alex s says:

    looks like a n.korean game

  3. Jose Armijo says:

    Let me get this straight
    You put 300 down to 24
    Another 300 down to around 20
    Then another 300
    Well I think you guys get it
    Then you “win 1200 something
    Then switch machine and lose another
    I think 600 dlrs
    That’s a really biiiiggggg win
    Good job

  4. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Happy Day All! Nice Win! Love

  5. The Ohio Gambler says:

    I’m pretty sure the big pay back accomplished that feat no more than a few days ago shooter.

  6. Brenda Hunter says:

    Boom boom

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