37 thoughts on “BIG WIN on CRAZY RICH ASIANS Slot Machine in Las Vegas!”
  1. Gimmie Games says:

    +Lady Luck HQ
    – Nice wins on the new Crazy Rich Asians slot game! Glad you enjoyed playing and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Judy Vong says:

    That ring bonus was "shitty" I wanted to see the quadruple in the bonus. I'm glad you guys got a bonus but wished it paid you two better/more!

  3. 機台王 says:


  4. D'Arne says:

    Not liking that double up game

  5. Timothy Pettit says:

    I don't like this machine at all. The bonus music is annoying…lol

  6. Velquiz Berrocal says:

    Sooo bad this machine

  7. j rehcs says:

    This is boring slot

  8. SofritoTV says:

    hell ya nice hit

  9. i got game says:

    Ya not my favourite game

  10. AMAYA Explorer says:

    Love that machine you playing Lady Luck

  11. Wasted Wages Mercury Man says:

    Thankyou for letting me know that i will not be playing this game!

  12. Brian Harris says:

    Cool game you played there.. Looks like a lot of fun.. Congrats on the wins 🙂

  13. Grand Jackpot says:

    A full pot for a $10 mini, gee the machine is a lil tight

  14. Pat Augsburger says:

    hi every time she plays a new game she flounders trying to explain the rules to her easy she is an expert no………

  15. Terramex says:

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble but betting $10 and winning $375 I don't think is massive…..Better luck next time

  16. Flip Side 2 9 says:

    Circa casino ?

  17. David Kendrick says:

    Please tell me this game is from a basic cable reality show and not from the Ku Klux Kasino?

  18. James & Mark says:

    Just the way you respond to comments, especially the critical ones, has been so refreshing. Thx for putting your positive vibes out in the universe (win or lose). Love your channel!!

  19. Rico EL GORDO LOCO Sabor says:

    I’ve lost $550 on exact this very machine at Cosmo 10 days ago. This game makes a lot of noise but has no winning potential.

  20. Shane rowe says:

    I love your videos but it was actually painful to see how hard it was for you to understand the concept of this game, the little part of the screen above the reels explains it all and it is just like many other games. Hooooly lol

  21. Lucy in the sky says:

    Finally you guys look at the rules.

  22. Tommy K says:


  23. Andanenga Hassani says:

    Your lens was too far and l it was just turning off to watch…

  24. Joanne Garrett says:

    I’ve never seen you play a 10 bet

  25. Eileen M. says:

    How much did you spend in free play before you started putting your own money in?

  26. Robert Beck says:

    Please don't play this game anymore

  27. Steph L says:

    This game is fun when it’s active! But can be dangerous trying to chase those bonuses lol

  28. Simon Thompson says:

    you apologise all the time to your husband, Stop it women. Love seeing you2 wining!.

  29. Zero Quanta says:

    That game is Crap…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. A Van says:

    This is your most boring session!!

  31. A Van says:

    I don't like this machine!!

  32. Shhh Slots says:

    I really wanted to see you get that wheel spin! This game looks like it could be fun with all the features but also so cruel! I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm dying to. As soon as it hits Netflix, Hulu, our TUBI I'm definitely going to watch it. Thanks for a fun afternoon video!
    So much love and luck from AZ

  33. Norma Cruz says:


  34. Dianna Strending says:

    Well, I feel like it should have been more for the whole game! Lol! Fun, though!

  35. Vivian La First says:

    Money grab machine, no good

  36. Alexandra Veltri says:

    This is such a fun game to watch! Would love to see some of your luxury purchases as well! I love your handbags!!

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