BIG WIN On Dragon Money Slot Machine | Dwell Slot Play At On line casino In Las Vegas | SE-10 | EP-19

39 thoughts on “BIG WIN On Dragon Money Slot Machine | Dwell Slot Play At On line casino In Las Vegas | SE-10 | EP-19”
  1. NG Slot says:

    $50 Max Bet HANDPAY JACKPOT : https://youtu.be/KtY4rvYvxkM

  2. Xena Moby says:

    You do not have to explain what denom you play. That's your decision and no one else's. Your loyal followers won't care. They just want to see you play. Also, when you explain your reasons, it just makes you look like you are bragging.

  3. Erik Benitez says:

    I want to see NG play top dollar or pinball

  4. Teresa Moreno says:

    I prefer watching you play with reg size bets. $10 $15 $20 seems more realistic for most of us.

  5. CM 24 says:

    Dont pay attention to those who thinks that way
    Its not their money
    Keep playing and we will keep watching 🙂

  6. Mayra Viader says:

    you see is better low bet!!! oh yeah and pay better!!!

  7. Mayra Viader says:

    is better low bet, good job!!! pay better!!!

  8. Lin Leong says:

    Love your videos NG. Especially lightning link. Always very entertaining cos of your personality. I can only imagine sitting next to someone betting $250 a spin. I be too busy watching their game rather than mine.

  9. Boston Slots22 says:

    Less is more is the best saying ever.

  10. Ron G says:

    I like the ones with the hearts.

  11. Waya Weayaya C Ali says:

    Its no fun to see you loss so much money …Who cause's what people think, they are only a hand few of trolls.. We are much happier to see you win on lower bets.. Keep winning and have fun at it NG!

  12. Barbra Anderson says:

    Hi NG

  13. Leslie Urban says:

    Yep. Golden century is my favorite dragon link.

  14. LD_Cris says:

    I hate all dragon links. Can’t win squat on them.

  15. Ryan says:

    Bro…who cares how much you bet. It's your money your channel you can do whatever tf you want. I don't think you even owe it to us to even explain yourself. People all needy when they have no skin in the game – it's easy to be a keyboard warrior but put your money on the line and see how difficult it is.

  16. Barry scarlett says:

    Try odd amount bets.

  17. Barry scarlett says:

    Nice to see games. Finally paying out

  18. Harish Gupta says:

    can u give some tip to win more I want to pay my debt

  19. Myxalplyx Xylplaxym says:

    Wow….thanks for sharing. You keep it real with the wins as well as the loses.
    I really appreciate that. 55k-60k is no joke. Hope you hit for 100k or more one of these times my friend.

  20. Yoly Ejanda says:

    I am happy for you.

  21. Nick Jan says:

    Great session NG! That was active machine that like 10 dollar bets …

  22. xxmisstreeonexx says:

    My fav Dragon Link is now Golden Century

  23. Bill Main says:

    Just goes to show you NG I see so many playing small bets winning something back

  24. john yates says:

    Nice one NG, , those that say your out of cash just blow smoke out there butt holes ,total wankers , see lower bets work too, good on you , was a great session and made a good profit , so very happy for you ,loved the vid 🙂

  25. Rafael Iván Salazar says:

    I loved this session, more realistic to me, more affordable, thank you for the videos NG, I hope you win and keep winning.

  26. Early Horizon says:

    I think a $10 is a lot lol. You are my hero

  27. thelema10 says:

    People who say you're broke for playing lower amounts are just jealous. Keep doing you!

  28. jsegura525 says:

    Just ignore those people that complain about your bet amount. You don't need to answer them. They are just trying to make trouble.
    I call those people negative.

    We love you NG.

  29. Thomas says:

    NG,you do so much more better on the lower bets then all those times with higher bets.

  30. Tina says:

    I love you wink!

  31. create account says:

    Not bad for 11 minutes of work.

  32. Paul Hamilton says:

    Glad you got a win , this is my favorite slot

  33. J H says:

    You are supposed to keep your mask on at all time. 🙂

  34. caddyman1962pp says:

    Good job NG max bet is NOT always good

  35. Sheila Hall says:

    Great session

  36. Julie Stock says:

    Bet whatever amount you think will win you money NG, I will watch and support regardless!! Good luck!!

  37. Marina Divuljski says:

    Stop justifying your bet amount. It’s your money and $10 is not exactly a small bet…… let go of your EGO

  38. Pie Miller says:

    I like Happy and Prosperous!

  39. Gary Murrell II says:

    hey NG you should not care of people saying youre broke cause they are just being critical, f them, lol

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