17 thoughts on “BIG WIN On Excessive Restrict Drop & Lock Slot Machine Bonus | Excessive Restrict Final Hearth Hyperlink Slot | EP-28”
  1. Edith Forbes says:

    NG, the machines are not pretty good to play the rotations so suck. Besides, they designs to made money. That's for sure.

  2. Donna Powell says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  3. Donna Powell says:

    Missed you Sunday

  4. Melissa Moriset says:

    I love Deep Sea Magic. I always bonus when I play it!

  5. Jeremiah Jalliana says:

    Big up your self

  6. Christine Patterson says:

    Please make nice comments in the chat. NG is a hard working slot player. Why do people say negative comments and just be plain nasty.
    NG cam play any amount of money he likes, as from what I see, he is not broke. NG, I really appreciate what you do, it find your videos entertaining. People: please dont judge, just watch and enjoy.

  7. TINA JONES says:

    Its ok too play low sometimes since I'm the real broke one here lol

  8. rajendra Gurung says:

    Ng with your caliber slot guy doesn't suit you 5$ hit. You have to start with 50$ hit. Kidding ng love your talking while you playing

  9. Migdalia Ramirez says:

    Hi ng how can I get one of your mask?

  10. Delfina Labrado says:

    Buena Suerte

  11. Justin Lau says:

    Hi NG
    In this world there will be always haters… but remember their losers who just can't afford to play….
    Keep doing what your doing…I hope you land a big Grand Jackpot soon!

  12. Carol Johnson says:

    By make it a great day!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. Maria Escobar says:

    Awesome, comeback NG!

  14. Gianna Bloomer says:

    You are the slots LEGEND!!! Ngggg!

  15. Pie Miller says:

    Hi NG! You don’t have to explain about what you bet! It’s none of anybody’s business! Bet any amount you want to. It’s not anybody’s money except yours! Even the ones your fans are giving you because it’s a gift for you, so it’s yours now.

  16. Marsha Fitzgerald says:

    NG please don't let those trolls get to you with their negative attitude. Jealousy is obvious. Keep up our fun entertainment big or small.

  17. cottie lopez says:


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