28 thoughts on “BIG WINS OF THE WEEK #10 45.000€ BONUS! (Twitch On line casino Streamers)”
  1. Антон Сергеев says:

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  2. harm kreugel says:

    thank you

  3. Sava Shumov says:


  4. Lotto Vincente says:

    ciao bravo .. Cmq visitate il mio canale metodi e previsioni gratiss

  5. Badmist Jason says:

    I beat this guys to! i won 110k on Hotline and won € 327K since 15 may 2018. im the king so far!

  6. Skee Skee xD says:

    I never gambled before last week few of my friends went to casino I just went along play the slot machine and hit the jackpot for 10,500 $ I walked away happy camper I am not into gambling so they never going to see me back there LOLOLOLOL

  7. юлия марченко says:


  8. Shaw Slots says:

    3:35 was 500x not 1000x

  9. Daniel Jeffries says:

    guy at 13 min mom get the camera? gtfo tonkaaaap wonna be

  10. Millie Margy Rose Conway says:

    Then she hasn't seen my piece has she!

    SO small

  11. denis kuznetcov says:

    Папич 😀

  12. fo sho says:

    Bigwintheory – Casino and slots
    3:42 pls explain me how that's 1000x :)? You should know that 1 explorer line is 500x.
    Bet size: 20kr & coin value 1kr, so 10260kr divided by 20kr = 513x

  13. mickobee says:

    All these Croatians

  14. alper halit says:

    Real people can see real reaction dont lie us 😉

  15. vito1555 says:

    practically they always win the same … ahhaahah ridiculousssssssssssssssssssssss

  16. Mr. Mileena says:

    Do not believe the winnings of these guys… most of them are affiliates who are paid to play all day long with casino money to take the money from slots, so that normal people lose. This is why we never win. They never show deposits and withdrawal stats because there are none. I stopped playing online casino and i feel better.

  17. Sears TheGamer says:

    casinodaddy biggest fake noobs ever

  18. Badmist Jason says:

    Last player are fake. why are u here KIM!?!?! :O

  19. Badmist Jason says:

    Lowbetters </3
    those 2 girls

  20. Casino Clips says:

    Nice vid

  21. Vitun Ose says:

    Line of explorers is 500x

  22. Exeption says:

    fake and gay :^)

  23. Amin Abu Al-Jadael says:

    Папич <3

  24. dark minimal says:

    Fake gamers

  25. Anton Macaron says:

    Папин ахахаха

  26. MasterK18 says:

    Wow 5 rich Wildes pay 1000X now? Didnt knew that 😀 Kappa

  27. Joshua H says:

    Wish you wouldn't show the 'fake' streamers up here.

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