BIG WINS On Lightning Hyperlink Coronary heart Throb Slot Machine | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-10 | EP-20

19 thoughts on “BIG WINS On Lightning Hyperlink Coronary heart Throb Slot Machine | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-10 | EP-20”
  1. Jeff Harras says:

    So obviously you are experienced enough to know when to play very high limit, yes? You have the greatest y tube channel by far on you tube..
    It's just the feel that comes with experience..
    Get m Amigo!!

  2. Roxan Bissember says:

    OMG, the power of NG….. Love it. This deserves a tequila Haha.

  3. Claire Bergman says:

    Good job ng

  4. Tish Harris says:

    Nice!!! This has been my favorite slot on the lock it machines, but now I'm favoring Chuco. I hope you play that one soon, it'd be fun to see you conquer it!

  5. Ollie Brittenden says:

    Gamble the next feature u get on black.

  6. Brandi Cox says:

    I like watching all your videos weather your betting huge or smaller as long as your not losing I hate to see anyone lose especially when sometimes it's $2000 or more..But Congrats and good luck on future wins!! From Illinois

  7. CM 24 says:

    Better play smaller bets
    You win

  8. Rosalinda Marcelo says:

    I think playing from $10 to $25 is better.

  9. David Knox says:

    Hi NG, Don't let casino comps influence betting high.

  10. Pamela Sena says:

    Good luck NG

  11. Valerie Naylor says:

    Good luck

  12. create account says:

    Believe me those slots machines are really tight. I've been going about 4 times a week since September. You are better off betting those smaller bets like you did tonight.

  13. cottie lopez says:


  14. jsegura525 says:

    Yes keep the bets $10-$25.

  15. jsegura525 says:

    Hi NG my only slot player on youtube. We love your style.

  16. Aaron Kennedy says:

    Awesome job, NG

  17. Boomdia Treasures says:

    Glad to see you get some playback! And a Payout! If you want to Bet higher bets I think you should bet on the 100.00 machines and play a few thousand there. That would be fun to watch sometime.!

  18. Raquel Jones says:


  19. HUFF N PUFF says:

    I agree NG much more enjoyable watching 4-5 bonuses @ 12.50 than no bonuses @ $50.00 or more. Nice video my friend

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