29 thoughts on “BIGGEST JACKPOT EVER Throughout My Problem ! EP-5”
  1. NG Slot says:

    If you like my videos please show me your support with SUBSCRIBING & LIKES ! Thank you

  2. FU LAI CAI LAI Casino Slot Machine says:

    Nice game!
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Max Rastov says:

    This machine never pays me

  4. Max Rastov says:

    Some machine when u play like piano pays right away

  5. Jonny Vos says:

    Well done on this one bro

  6. Cindy Parks says:

    Gorgeous eyes…

  7. Rachel Knapstein says:

    Liking this content congrats

  8. Tish Harris says:

    These 500.00 slot challenges are so much fun! Can you play Wicked Winnings 4? I have a love/hate relationship with that particular slot, I'd love to see what you can do with 500.00 on it!

  9. Queen Orlise says:

    Nice session…Wonderful job NG!

  10. Nadean Moore says:

    I like how you play. -honestly w/out filming only when you get into a bonus.

  11. Mark Cappuccio says:

    Good for you!

  12. Maggie Gonzalez says:

    Dragon Riches is a good slot! I’ve played it. Good job NG

  13. Shar Troost says:

    I like the 500 challenge

  14. TysonRed27 says:

    Nice hit brother

  15. Dina Moore says:

    Holy Shoot that was awesome!

  16. Estella Villarreal says:

    I love the $500 challenge! Great job NG! You continue to keep it Real!

  17. alex s says:

    lowsy payer—go to old machines —with history

  18. Slot Hustler says:

    I like both sessions also

  19. yfayen says:

    Great win!

  20. Kara Barnett says:

    You're so fun to watch NG. I like this $500 challenge… I cringe for you when you loose so big on the high limit slots… But whatever kind/amount you play, you have fun with it and always make me ☺… I thanks

  21. cmv707 says:

    I put $1500 in that same machine all max bet and not 1 bonus. Terrible

  22. cassandra fuller says:

    Good job

  23. LuGenie says:

    Really enjoyed the session. Amazing win!


    When everyone of your vids says biggest jackpot ever

  25. Melba Wells says:

    Awesomeness!!! Congratulations yay NG!!!

  26. Tiffine shah says:

    I am asking for all my Christian friends to pray with me for a place for me and my son this stay. Thank you in advance

  27. Naiboogieb says:

    I love the 500 challenge an high limit also

  28. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Great videos that always make my day special. Thanks for posting this.

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