14 thoughts on “BIGGEST MISTAKE In My Life On Slot Machines ►Enormous HANDPAY JACKPOT◄ On three Reel Slot $75 MAX BET |EP-12”
  1. Toan Vu says:

    You made biggest mistake , even you bust , you still have paying x2 times , why you stand , I don’t get it

  2. Hibiscus Angel says:

    People on the slot channels have been betting a lot lately…

  3. Mark MacIsaac says:

    It's done! Move on!…Never look back! No point! You get it! 6k…not to shabby!!

  4. Ken Meksomphone says:

    Let sayings Magic words NG

  5. Sandy Hill says:

    No mistake! In reg BJack- Id stand on a 14 easy bcuz U only hafta beat dealer not all at the table! But not a soft 17-18+19! Js! I think U would of still got same amount if busted! Not sure tho! Lol

  6. SlotBabe says:

    Great video NG like always!

  7. Lucky Dog Slots says:

    Awesome huge win at the end buddy!!! Thank goodness for the life saving big wins haha !!!!

  8. Jaken Ledford says:

    Ohhhh No NG NG that’s bad Bro. Could have been 21

  9. Willy Ata says:

    Not sure what was that mistake you made?

  10. Liz Johnson says:

    Congrats NG! What a win! We got that same line hit on the Red Hot 21 but on a $5 denom – It is easy to make that mistake when the 2x is on the bust line and on the up to 16 line – you'll only make that mistake once though 🙂 Best wishes and have a wonderful Christmas NG!

  11. GamblerMarco says:

    OMG!!!! I just saw it!!! I play that exact game all the time, WHY DID YOU HOLD!!!!!???/

  12. Connie Keenan says:

    I don't think you made a mistake NG. You could have easily gone bust on a 16 (Even though in Black Jack you should hit.) But this is a SLOT MACHINE not a real game of Black Jack. GOOD FOR YOU.

  13. Sir Slot Alot says:

    I get what happened NG but try not to think about it too much because you probably would have busted w/ your 16. Completely understand how you feel but still nice payday my friend!

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