23 thoughts on “Biggest Poker Moments From DOYLE BRUNSON ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. J F says:

    FU lady saying Doyle’s “300 years old”!! How about respect one of the men who helped create NLH?? While draw and stud are still fun games, the world is NLH thx to guys like Doyle. FU and your disrespect! (Don’t mean to be an angry dick however find that comment so disrespectful and clearly ignorant af to a true pioneer and legend)

  2. Chris O'Rorke says:

    Doyle is like grandma… always has it… all the time

  3. sine moderamine says:

    Doyle is pure class

  4. Tapio says:


  5. antonio yñeguez says:


  6. King Covid says:

    20:40 His name is Salmon???

  7. Mestre Elrond says:

    Doyle is awesome !

  8. Xavier Paquin says:

    Let's go all in with a straight on this three diamonds flop

  9. Juan C. Salinas says:

    That commentator towards the end sounds like salad fingers

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  11. Geroge Jackson says:

    folding top set dere just dozens make alot of sense

  12. Geroge Jackson says:

    all these young players read his book

  13. Griffin Unger says:

    what a horrible call by Daniel on that all in hand, I know he doesn't like to fold but that was ridiculous.

  14. 6th Wilbury says:

    Weird choice to include the JJ vs 77 hand with Negreanu. Sure, it showed the head games a bit, but ultimately it just depicts him wasting a good spot.

  15. Limit AK says:

    Hey PS what happened to the 24/7 live stream?? Those were great I'd have it on in the background almost every day

  16. oriondx72 says:

    18:30 anyone know who the female who talking she sounds familiar cant put who it is though.

  17. oriondx72 says:

    My all time favorite poker player! Gotta be pretty nice to have a hand named after you 10 2.

  18. jim palmer says:

    crushed only temp sometimes.

  19. David Silver says:

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  20. NoExitLoveNow says:

    These are more like random poker moments from Doyle Brunson.

  21. Michael Scalese says:

    That first lay down was sick XD, and they both hit their hands so he woulda lost

  22. Connor Maxwell says:

    Can someone explain to me what happened at 20:36?

  23. Andrii Vedmid says:


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