29 thoughts on “💸 BIGGEST WINS OF 2019 🌟 $71,000 in JACKPOTS and MORE! 🎰 Half 1 of three”
  1. Marissa Rivera La Bórica says:


  2. Crystal Ezell says:

    Ain’t no way you sit on a machine & hit a jackpot ok every machine you sit on!

  3. Yasmin Ahmad says:

    Congratulations! I haven’t won’t jackpot since I was 18. I’m so jealous

  4. Ethan Taylor says:

    I love slot machines if I get big money jackpot I might win two

  5. black show says:

    Kinda sicking how much money he throws away

  6. Glenn Hairston says:

    Love your videos wish I could hit like that

  7. Kaydiva says:

    oh wow awesome win

  8. Devonia Smith says:

    Wendy the witch.

  9. Tophémon says:

    No you need a shirt that says "That was unexpected…and delicious."

  10. Thaty Maximooo says:

    Mais uma inscrita sou Do BRASIL

  11. Arturo Arias says:

    you talk to much

  12. Sammy Hamawi says:

    I never got 4 orbs in 1 spin

  13. Rena Renee says:

    I love that you explained some of the symbols on the machine at 1:14:59, I've been looking for someone like you that explains things and amounts…You are so bomb.com 🙂

  14. Loretta Utti says:

    U should come to pa amd try parx casinonor valley forge casino:)

  15. Allan Better says:

    How to enter the game?

  16. Steven Trautman says:

    In training game show host…!

  17. Steven Trautman says:


  18. Steven Trautman says:

    Shut the front door…!

  19. Steven Trautman says:

    Keep it going…!

  20. Steven Trautman says:

    Route 66…!

  21. Steven Trautman says:

    Ho Nelly

  22. Steven Trautman says:

    Share the wealth…$

  23. Steven Trautman says:

    Happy boy now…!

  24. Steven Trautman says:

    Do it to it…!

  25. Steven Trautman says:

    Line it up…!

  26. Steven Trautman says:

    Rudy Tudy…! How Tender…!

  27. Andre Lue says:

    Wow congratulations! amazing wins. Have you been to Atlantic City? what do you recommend

  28. Christa says:

    Bryan do you use the card cuz every time I use a player's card I never hit do you use the card it's a question

  29. Baz Scarlett says:

    Was this the casinos money .

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