30 thoughts on “BIGGEST WINS of 2020”
  1. robsterbot2006 says:

    Watch from 11:04 on 2x Playback speed. They sound like turkeys…

  2. Timo Lavrijsen says:

    What a year it has been! Soo funny to watch this stuff back.

  3. Gus Haddad says:

    Love love love, keep killing it lads

  4. Ramirez says:

    That day on christmas was magic

  5. hanygrabber2 says:

    GET INNNN!!!

  6. Ticket Time says:

    GET IN!

  7. Jose Carlos says:

    I'm a fan of these guys

  8. SteveD81 says:

    30 seconds on Crazy Time makes more than I do in a year. Great result though dossers!

  9. Martin D says:

    Biggest Win of 2020
    >>> Finding your Channel !
    Good Luck in 2021 !

  10. FricoHUN says:

    Those Jammin reactions man.. hahah

  11. Константин vinogradov says:

    Приезжайте в гости!!!

  12. Magnus says:

    I just watched your video when you went to evolution and checked out the new game shows last year. Do you know the next time they will release new game shows?

  13. S Hughes says:

    25:48 – "how much is that?" – *slot goes from counting up to £600 to £10k+ in the blink of an eye

  14. Nathan Haley says:

    Lol when Kim yells "fast" I think Mia shits herself! Too funny!!

  15. Donovan Britten says:

    Good Times Big Ding Dings…This was fantastic! Pure Genuine reactions and the slow mo and head additions made me LOL

  16. LemmyAndWhiskey says:

    my favourite streamers are better than yours

  17. Kimberley Light says:

    Was watching live when u got that 1k x on crazy time was unreal keep up the good work guys super stream

  18. inteNsifyCharts says:


  19. Fcarlos Emiliano says:

    Viva BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Katharina Kopp says:

    I was there when it hit 1000x on crazy time ! That was epic

  21. ToeJam says:

    Some epic wins

  22. PSYmonSez1985 says:

    FAST! Love you guys!

  23. Ryčka says:

    Get in, insane moments!

  24. Константин vinogradov says:

    Давно смотрю Ваши стримы. Удачи и новых побед!!!! 4000х – не предел. Привет из Калининграда!

  25. James Munro says:

    Decided to give odyssey multiplier a try… First bonus 4000x off 10p spins. Bought my first home 2 days ago so cashed out and paid the solicitor. Good luck for 2021 you big dossers

  26. Xwindshooter says:

    Seriously sounded like there was an owl in that room on the jammin jars win lol

  27. Matty Johnston says:

    Love these daily vids lads hope you keep winning big in 20212

  28. enkiej says:

    Laughing like hell at the crazytime video..first : ITS GOING TO FAST!!…giving Maya a jumpscare to…ITS IN!! ITS IN!!!…

    Golden moment…keep being awesome kim blanco and maya

  29. petros sfetkos says:

    love you boys

  30. ferhat dikmen says:

    Throwing mouse at 7 LOL I have seen this new 😀

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