8 thoughts on “Black & White Double Jackpot With Fast Hit Slot & BLAZING $7$ Slot Machine three Reel 赤富士スロット”
  1. Sanders Edward Jr says:

    Warning Warning!! Do not play with your money, use a professional who can manage your account successfully. What they charge is very little compared to you losing all your money trading as a newbie . I use @javieraaron_uptrades on Instagram, so far I have made my 7th withrawal, he gives me the benefit I want from trading.

  2. Mabel Caceres says:

    siempre se pierdee!!!

  3. Pamela Meeks says:

    Red 7 machines either pay well or bleed you dry. I can loose $100 in the three coin .50 machines in 10 minutes if not paying. Tough machines.

  4. Nancy Walker says:

    Ok, I promise never to request that machine again! But you were great to honor my request. You're the best on YouTube! Thank You! (Gee, now I feel bad).

  5. San Manuel Casino says:

    Love that Xtra Credit. Always use your Club Serrano card to earn valuable rewards like free play!

  6. Edson Francisco Bonfim 61 says:

    Good Lucky slot very good slot

  7. Jo Johnson says:

    Thanks for the blazing 7. Sorry you didn’t win anything

  8. Handpay Jackpots says:

    Wow that $25 quick hit gave you a nice freeplay conversion!

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