42 thoughts on “Blackjack! $2500 VS 6 Deck Shoe At Plaza Resort & On line casino! Some BIG BETS! Ep 7”
  1. Alfredo Lopez says:

    U go girl

  2. Yoi Wei says:

    Really enjoy the dealer dramatically flipping critical cards. Adding a little flavor of excitement.

  3. ashish talreja says:

    Doubling down ain’t working for you

  4. Jerry Markey says:

    You are a brave woman.

  5. Paul Dawson says:

    What's up today, 3/2/21?

  6. Yehrushka Arunachellam says:

    Doubling against a 10.. not a good move.

  7. Paul Dawson says:

    Slotlady, where are you getting your gambling money from?

  8. Greg Lathrop says:

    I'd like to do an episode with you. We setup a game (no real money), we each play 3 slots, you use basic strategy/hilow or whichever strategy you like, I use Lathrops Laws. We each explain the strategy in real time and publish our results. Interested?

  9. Casey Billings says:

    New to the channel! What’s the back story? How are you able to record everywhere lol love the channel Though

  10. Nicole Jones says:

    Of all the times TO NOT have the 3 card poker side bet. Girlfriend you would KILT them on those alone. How were you able to stay at the table all by yourself without any other players coming? I can never keep a good heads up.streak going without some looney bin coming in and screwing up my cards. Thanks for the content though.

  11. rickson lucero says:

    Hi in the minut 4.14 of house have 17 , ace, 2 and 4

  12. Jake Maier says:

    seems way too quiet for an actual casino… no slot machines are ding ding humming

  13. Onald Wong says:

    are you not allowed to surrender at those casinos?

  14. Czr Mooner says:

    I would split the 10’s since she keeps getting 21

  15. Eduardo Vega says:

    Every time she says three hundred, she loses
    Anyway, good video

  16. Jeff Kershner says:

    How are you filming this?!?

  17. Bobby Joe says:

    I've watched a few of your BJ videos and I see you stick to basic strategy. Have you thought about trying a session not hitting 16s? I never hit mine.

  18. VICTOR Alicea says:

    I must say this. You play match the dealer when they have it, which is a huge sucker bet every hand. I've not seen this bet for bust, but way more favored to win and you don't. Keep track of all the low cards coming out. When in one hand there are like 8 low cards, know to double your bet for tens are coming next hand.

  19. Qanons army 45 says:


  20. David says:

    So what is up with this table? Why do the hockey puck spots stay level with the dealer, while the thumbs-up emojis and the EZ Bust spots follow the player? Those poor 1st and Last seat players get a nice wonky-oblong puck to put their money, while seats 3 and 4 look all nice and pretty? I feel like a high schooler made this table cover in MS Word. >.o On a side note, enjoyed watching you play though, Slotlady. This table just makes my eyes bleed.

  21. Derek Crews says:

    I've watched a few of your BJ videos and I see you stick to basic strategy. Have you thought about trying a session not hitting 16s? I never hit mine.

  22. The Fixer says:

    Not that it’s that important but a2 vs 3 is a hit not a double. Glad you won however!

  23. OPBjorn says:

    Are you wealthy or does a loss like this hurt financially? Do you have another job?

  24. Ahmad Michman says:

    Shame you don't bet on the EZ bust. Could've made a lot of money. Lol

  25. Richard Snyder says:

    Remember when it was the Union Plaza. Strongest drinks and some very liberal 21 rules. Of course the best 21 rules were at the Las Vegas Club.

  26. BRACE MITCHELL says:

    Black Jack mmmmm don't like it!

  27. HSimon1981 says:

    at 4:14 if the felt said dealer must stand on all 17's that would have been a push not a loss as you would have worked out

  28. Ryan Doucette says:

    Why not even follow basic strategy?

  29. Wayne Rogers says:

    Nice video. Very instructional. Thanks and good luck to you.

  30. Arturo Cavazos says:


  31. rajiv naval says:

    Teach us too

  32. Prakash Manchukonda says:

    There were some hands she could have played better. But overall, good play.

  33. Abe Blinken says:

    The point of the multi-deck shoe is that it does not let you count cards.

  34. Thomas Norwood says:

    You're my spirit animal

  35. Exotic says:

    Nice video. Sorry for the bit of a loss there. Keep up the amazing work!!

  36. José " El Soñador" says:

    the A always cames whit a 9

  37. José " El Soñador" says:


  38. Manuel Music says:

    Funny how every time she said 300$ lost

  39. Tyler Green says:

    19:20 Had you already said stay or did she just not let you hit there. She turned the card sideways like you doubled but you hadnt.

  40. Hasan Saqqa says:

    Do you card count? You're good

  41. Jules Warner says:

    Great match! ….but the table decor looks too busy to me (I love the El Cortez better) 🙂

  42. Gene Ebeling says:

    Compliments to the dealer at Plaza Hotel and Casino. It's nice to see the dealer rooting for the player. Excellent dealing! Very fun to watch this video.

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