23 thoughts on “BLACKJACK LIVE PLAY at Atlantis On line casino in Reno”
  1. Steven Grohowski says:

    Thanks for the blackjack video! I just discovered your channel because of it, please do more! Love the southern twang

  2. Heroe Rodriguez says:

    Hi there, do they allow to record on that casino? If not, how did you manage to record it and keep a good on angle?

  3. Captain kirk says:

    The woman is a cutie pie

  4. brenda hart says:

    if you both would have martingaled your bets you would have Brought Down the House ! LOL

  5. Lori Stitt says:

    Love you playing 2 shoes good camera view!

  6. John Utter says:

    Too bad you can’t go to another table. Time to run away. Dealer don’t want to bust

  7. Cindy Gallegos says:

    Like black jack but new to the game do you only spit cards when you get an A card? When do you usu as lily double down on your chips? I like it when your husband let's us know what he's next step is based on the card at hand. I'm really learning a lot. One question when counting the cards on the table do you subtract that number from 21?

  8. Karri Jackson says:

    I loved the video. I will be watching all of your BJ sessions

  9. Anthony Tran says:

    DUDE, the first base gets so many side bet wins! its freaking amazing, but no play. guess thats how it goes.

  10. Scott Allen says:

    U never increased your bet at any time??

  11. MrWmg4 says:

    Can you post more of these blackjack videos?

  12. Jacki park says:

    this dealer the casino should give her raise. she never busts.

  13. ERIC ORTIZ says:

    that was rough to watch, i would never play BJ there again

  14. James Dicksa says:

    Enjoying your video but you might want to raise the camera up a bit for a better overall angle of the entire play..Good Luck
    ps: I live in CA but I’m a regular at the Eldorado high limit room. I don’t like to tell people how to play but if you like to possibly increase your winnings though a betting strategy, let me know. It has nothing to do with the play of the cards. I feel that that’s you choice. Best of luck.

  15. MaryMary1225 says:

    Excellent blackjack vid!

  16. yasmin sparrow says:

    nice to see you know how to play

  17. Abdulrab Alhariri says:

    Omg you should play 3 hands

  18. john lamb says:

    I really enjoyed the video nice work

  19. A Stanton1966 says:

    Can that dealer ever not draw a ten?

  20. Serhat D says:

    I don't like slot videos, but if you shoot live blackjack videos like this, your followers will increase.


    Love finding live blackjack!

  22. Brenda Redmond says:

    Having problem seeing dealer cards

  23. william ramirez says:

    End of the shoe the count was +19 I would be max out my bet. And add another hand

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