39 thoughts on “Blind Fury”
  1. Michele Plouffe says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Hauer☮️

  2. Lou Steinberg says:

    This was great, to bad they didn't have a sequel to this. Rutger could have been called DAREDEVIL, the blind super hero…hmmmmm.

  3. Alden R. Davis says:

    A blind fighter versus an Japanese assassin

  4. Alden R. Davis says:

    17:59 – “That’s not bad for a blind man, but that butter knife.. it ain’t gonna stop no bullet!”

  5. Disco/Secret says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

  6. Alden R. Davis says:

    “Not bad for a blind man, but that butter knife ain’t gonna stop no bullet.” Love that quote and the movie

  7. David Tice says:

    This is a classic movie.

  8. Anthony Richmond says:


  9. Rosemary Diaz says:

    TV is out of style discontinued


  10. Shelby Indiana Jones says:

    The late great Mr. Hauer! saw this years ago and will watch again!!!

  11. Terry Taylor says:

    One of my favorite movies.

  12. Boorish Lout says:

    Enjoyed Blind Fury in the 1980’s, but for my money Rutger Hauer’s finest work can be seen in Hobo With A Shotgun.

  13. Darrell Lee says:

    One of my all time favorites ! THNX !

  14. jorge Nazario says:

    Hitch Hiker is one of my favorite movie.

  15. Michael Abercrombie says:

    This is the second time I've seen John Locke in two weeks. He was in an episode of Twilight Zone also.

  16. jim s says:

    Not a bad way to kill some time and I have always enjoyed Mr. Rutger. Especially in more adventurous movies. thanks YTM

  17. Scott Miller says:

    I've always loved Rutger Hauers and his movies. Was that Hillbilly Jim in the cornfield lol

  18. Stephen Harriau says:

    What’s the watch for?


    Rutger Hauer is a bad ass actor, he taught me how to sike out people who used to bully me as a kid from this movie to the Hitcher, & Blade Runner I learned a lot from his roles, & I. Will miss the hell of him would of loved to meet him, but now i hopefully will one day on the other side!! RIP RUTGER YOU WERE AWESOME!!

  20. fanghicheck says:

    I think it was better 2nd time around . DO YOU ?

  21. David Siller says:

    I enjoyed this movie. Why no sequels?

  22. Remous Simmons says:

    1of my favorite movies

  23. Shirley Tz says:

    Wow; it looks as having the part II for it?? we do love this kinds of movies longer and forever ad
    ever…when and how,what will be having the part II, III???

  24. Lam Weldon Weldon says:

    You always good

  25. Shirley Tz says:

    Wow; this is a lovely movies which have been including with everything and so; all people are love it;
    because every minute there will be catching with people's eye to look at it that why it is a top
    quality movie we do enjoy it completely and deeply in long forever and ever……

  26. Katherine Carroll says:

    Best old, new movie I've viewed in a long time. Fantabulous.

  27. Anthony Emrick says:

    A Great and Highly Underrated Film!!

  28. Brooke Gaskin says:

    that dude smoked that same cigar in at least three other movies. wtf?

  29. Justin Halladay says:

    This was a really good movie. It has a great plot the final fight scene was great and the character development was good. Even the musical score was great. It's one of those 'feel good' films.

  30. Nicholas Andrews says:

    Ththe 80s were so cool

  31. Ernest Kuhns says:

    love it along the same vein as buckaroo bonzai. and cheese it may be but at least it is better than some lately. loved this the first time i saw it as a kid when if first came out. i had already liked rutger in his other movies as well before this one.

  32. Brooke Gaskin says:

    sergeant what happened to those volunteers i sent to burn down that marijuana patch last week?
    i believe they all got wasted sir.

  33. Jeffrey Dohnger says:

    Paul Newman was great in this.

  34. Scratch 689 says:

    Good movie, sad but good!

  35. Thomas Henderson says:

    Get me Bruce Lee..said the Bossman…'Bruce Lee is dead 'said the underling 'Get his brother!!' Said the Bossman!!' Some people R wwwaaay too comfortable in their position in life

  36. Amos Draak says:

    Zaotichi could’ve done this, too. They wanted to make it more realistic and have him always not show his pupils, but having it be like this where we see he just doesn’t focus on anything with his eyes would be much more convenient for the actor. Ce la vie.

  37. evilsmileyface90 says:

    He came home and became that one First Sgt on every field op yelling, "Hey Private, where's your eyepro"

  38. Russell Ellingworth says:

    Strictly Hollywood. At the halfway point ( BLIND Man driving van) I had to shut her down

  39. Agbranchaud says:

    Awesome! I'm still looking for this one on DVD. Ty for posting. People sure are jerks to the handicapped in this film lol. Makes it all the more satisfying when Rutger makes a fool of them

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