25 thoughts on “Bonus Highlights From Stream! ✨ Primarily enjoying on-line on line casino slot video games”
  1. Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel says:

    Let me know if you think this is better than uploading just the 200x plus type wins? Also forgot the missus is out tonight but will still stream, it just won't be until around 11pm!!!

  2. Mark Evans says:

    Sniff my broomstick

  3. Stoker IBL says:

    Paul are you still alive buddy and not caught up in that Vegas shooting business buddy??

  4. guram zedginidze says:

    can I get into the giveaway list paul?

  5. Tebster81 says:

    Never commented before but I'd love to know what number subscriber I was, defo in the first 100 maybe less! Love your content and always watch your streams! All the best for vegas mate!

  6. Simon 'Waxon' M says:

    Sorry for the luck on this one Paul. Hopefully next time.

  7. Danny Smith says:

    Is he on tonight anyone

  8. John Smith says:

    why you lyin 4

  9. You ken Whit yer dain? says:

    You got bottle with those bets . Wizard of oz seemed to set you off on tilt spins .unlucky

  10. MrSaltyDogz says:

    Dolphin Pearl can go crazy, think you were unlucky not to win more with Β£8 bet, iv seen 190 free spins before

  11. Lerit says:

    nice video

  12. Karl Anders says:

    These bonuses are too small to be worth the video considering the huge stakes you do.

  13. Simon Jupp says:

    Yes .show it as it is …cheers Paul.

  14. Fenso says:

    Loving these highlight videos for when I've missed the stream Paul. Features galore

  15. taylormade4534 says:

    Hey Rocknrolla I'm liking the bonus upload. Can't always stay around for the streams but I enjoyed this upload. What's the giveaway about? How do I enter?

  16. Ricardo Ferreira says:

    How do you get involved with the giveaways mate

  17. The Wise One says:

    Alright mate are you doing the big draw tonight?

  18. David Anderson says:

    Done well at start as well unlucky mate

  19. Carl says:

    should have played ruby slippers – way better than wizard of oz

  20. RobbieCatManTV - Psychic Games Cats Life! says:

    6k epic fail πŸ™ nooo we could of gone to Disney world haha

  21. RobbieCatManTV - Psychic Games Cats Life! says:

    The bandit is a C ! Oh my lol

  22. ScoopThePot says:

    said it before and ill say it again, chair for strim MVP!

  23. tomtoon2014 says:

    You can turn quick spin off on book of dead Paul πŸ™‚

  24. RobbieCatManTV - Psychic Games Cats Life! says:

    Book of dead goes so quick nown

  25. RobbieCatManTV - Psychic Games Cats Life! says:

    I'd love to go would be lethal and if end up dead selling my soul to the devil or body on the street for cash for food hahahahha

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