16 thoughts on “BONUS HUNT – On-line On line casino Slots – PLAYING bonanza + guide of useless + legacy of egypt + centurion”
  1. Chipmonkz Slots says:

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  2. Paul Adams says:

    IMHO what you do now is spot on. variety of stakes, games, bonus hunts and challenges and the banter is spot on, i have been a viewer for around 18 months but been catching up from day one …isolation will help me get up to date ..one positive at least. lol

  3. Garry Garnham says:

    I play between 40p-£1 Boomtingz

  4. VALIS Machine says:

    Ripping on Narcos, it's way better than golden ticket

  5. The Blind Begga says:

    Cheers chip great content keep it up.

  6. ASMR Paradise says:

    Definitely enjoying this series 🙂

  7. Dougie Mcclean says:

    Loving these videos mate..can you do a king kong cash or goonies bonus in one of these for jord lol..and i play at about 60p-£1 stake mate.

  8. Alison Green says:

    Love these little videos. I get home and put the kettle on and look forward to putting this on.
    I usually play £1 a spin but lately with how slots have been and had Christmas I’m playing between 40p and 60p

  9. gerard short says:

    Love the new low stakes video . I play mine at 20p-40p as you can still win big on them or win jack shit which happened to me on Safecracker with 14 spins lol

  10. Alan Morgan says:

    Good video nice choice of different slots.

  11. Sam Atkins says:

    Chip had a mad dream about you and Jordan was mental

  12. COLVIE says:

    Hey mate, how do the bonus hunts work? Are you paying for spins hitting bonus then leaving the game?

  13. Claireov crewe says:

    Love these little streams and I play lots stakes like 20p-40p

  14. Stacy Hilton says:

    445 today I think

  15. Claireov crewe says:


  16. Shelley Bennett says:

    good luck big daddy chip

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