15 thoughts on “BONUS On All three Video games! Surprise four Surprise Wheel Slot Machine!”
  1. Derebymel Belmont says:

    Lovely Sarah, Your lilting voice and gorgeous you always make the slots fun to watch.

  2. Game On says:

    My girlfriend could tell that I was pissed off tonight. She asked if I wanted to talk about it. I said no. She reminded me that we promised to never go to bed angry. So I agreed to talk about it.

    Her: So why are you angry?
    Me: Because a slot machine robbed the Slotlady tonight.
    Her: *rolls eyes and goes to bed.
    Me: Much happier now that we talked about it.

  3. Brian Somes says:


  4. Ricardo Martinez says:

    Do u even make money gambling ?

  5. Perry Lonzello says:

    I hit $2300 on buffalo and $1050 in roulette today. Thought of you

  6. Mark Hank says:


  7. Mark Hank says:

    how do i get blocked so fast

  8. Marley Marley says:


  9. Sue Hammer says:

    Funny. You spelled PANDA and it pops up. Positive statement.

  10. Fromafar says:

    🙂 sour but entertaining…. Best of luck on the next game 🙂 Stay Safe 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Jeff Ng says:

    Too bad Wonder 4 wasn't so wonderous for you. At least we got to see the bonus for all 3 games. Well you take care of yourself, and have yourself a G'night Sarah.

  12. daver8521 says:

    So many sour bonuses! Need to sweeten them up 🙂

  13. el brownholio says:

    Cheers Sarah. Played this yesterday and hit the buffalo jackpot! Good luck

  14. Shane Peltier says:

    Im here at the mini level haha

  15. qdood says:

    Thanks Sarah

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