22 thoughts on “*** BONUS VIDEO ** TRIPLE WHEEL POKER!! ♦️ ♠️ ♥️ | $21 BETS 💰😜🙌”
  1. Billy Cash says:

    You'll never get a royal flush if you never keep the 10

  2. carolannlocks says:

    Hi Jason I do love watching your vids also . Want to go back to casino soon . I know u stated that you only hold ace in triple poker however u should always hold ace and 10 if 10 is w/ it . The royal pays 4000 and so does aces/kicker. Also you sometimes get crap hands like we all do but if there is a 10 I suggest to hold that as remember you are trying for royal flush all the time.!just a couple of pointers I learned

  3. Chuck Carson says:

    I got to comment or I'm going to go nuts. assuming this is a standard 52 card machine, your strategy assures you lose every time. explanation:. you're dealt 8clubs, 8 spades. you hold those 2 trying to get 3 of a kind on 3 hands. say first hand, you get 8 ❤️, 2nd hand you get 8 diamonds. what's left for the 3rd hand? you've used up all your 8s. there are no wilds, right? better to hold 2 pair for full houses or go for str8s and flushes

  4. Veronica banks says:

    It is extremely rare that I view many videos on here, and 1000X less likely that I subscribe to any channel….. That being said, you got me, and I subscribed. I have never done it before, so let's hope I did it right! It's not so much the gaming/gambling, there are 1,000's of other ones also. I sometimes aren't even watching what is going on with the slots…. it is the always overly excited and happy tone of voice that makes me chuckle….. and that's what people are always looking for.

  5. Jesus Villalongo says:

    Get that royal

  6. MrMrs SLOTZ says:

    We always look forward to your videos In the morning !!! Now this game we have never seen but it’s nice how they let you still have a bonus while playing a poker game !!!

  7. Theresa G says:

    I wish they had a Love button!! Love video poker and loved this video!!

  8. mushroomNgrass4 says:

    So Jason, in your experience, which has better odds video poker or slots? I’ve never tried poker, not sure how to play it

  9. Kevin Mac says:

    Good stuff! 🙂

  10. Texas Chameleon says:

    I love watching you play video poker. Really want to find this game when back in Vegas for New Year's

  11. William Narlock says:

    Hi Jason I like your channel.esp.your video poker.i wish you would play dream card..I've been playing v.poker for 30 yrs.dream card is the best game.triple double I've gotten a lot of 4 aces and royal flushes dealt to me.on the game.keep up the good work.

  12. Bigkats Poker says:

    Good spin!!!
    The Royal is coming for you!!!

  13. Pat Roberts says:

    As always thank you Jason for playing Video Poker for us poker players!!!!!!

  14. Dennis Daniels says:

    Good Evening King Jason, I hope you win the video poker and you have a great night!

  15. Linda S says:


  16. Catherine Linder says:

    Nice video.

  17. Jay Mather says:

    Your the Best Not sure I like the Music But your always fun to watch Will you be in vegas new years?

  18. Marie Jackson says:

    Good evening good luck King Jason ❤

  19. Alice In Casinoland says:

    Love getting to see some VP play. Thanks!!

  20. Gold N Slots says:

    Love this game and video poker. Was hoping you would have been able to get the 4 Aces and a 2. Maybe next time. Good luck.
    (Courtee here)

  21. Ant Cappone says:

    New subscriber like the channel

  22. elizabeth mason says:

    You crazy guy.you have to remember to move when machines start taking money when you win do final spin and move on.

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