25 thoughts on “Bonuses On Each Slot Machines Up To $35 A Spins ! Which Will Pay Me Extra ? Stay Slot Play At On line casino”
  1. Ronann Morris says:

    Your a very nice guy ng your the only one I watch. I like it because you are not arrogant and just so sweet.

  2. Elsie Cabrera says:

    I like this new format. Good luck. Blessings.

  3. Irmin Schembri says:

    You, NG, stick to what you like to do. After all it is your money that is at stake. Keep up the entertainment for us viewers.

  4. Jules Raha says:

    loved watching this NG! ❤️

  5. Janis Anderson says:

    I like everything u do

  6. Gina Sehwail says:

    Nice video! Thanks for sharing! All your videos are very entertaining! Love watching you.

  7. Lyssa A says:

    Play like you normally do. Love your videos.

  8. Elvira Moreno says:

    I enjoy this format for sure! But I will still watch any format to be honest. Good luck either way!

  9. GeneralRadames says:

    Love the new games. I do not care how much you spend. I do not like the Bar slot games. Only when you win them. 😛

  10. Audelio Espinoza says:

    As soon as I win the megalotto I'll be betting like you, ha ha ha

  11. Barry Kobzowicz says:

    What's with the focus dude?

  12. walter mendoza says:

    Good job NG you won again

  13. jsegura525 says:

    Just ignore those negative people who have nothing good to say. Their parents raised them wrong. I think you are a good guy who brings some sunshine to us in these awful pandemic days. Thank you NG.

  14. sonya lozowski says:

    I think just saying at the end how you did overall is better

  15. Good Good says:

    Watching you play is always fun and enjoyable, I love ur commentary :). I enjoy watching you play with lower bets because if I was ever brave enough to try slots thats what I would be betting. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and I wish you all the best luck and fortune 🙂

  16. JBallard says:

    Hi NG! I think most of your powerful subscribers that actually play at casinos are probably like me and make much smaller bets than what you usually do. I'm just as happy watching you play bets at $5 to $10 dollars which is still a lot more than my usual bets are. YOU are why we like to watch your videos more than how much you are betting.

  17. Rosalinda Marcelo says:

    NG u don’t need to explain to them. It’s your money not them. We like the way you play.

  18. Julie Stock says:

    Thank you for playing regular machines!! Five and six dollar bets can win BIG too!!! Great video as always NG!

  19. ernest tubb says:

    The people that gripe about you betting 5.00 a spin are the ones that couldn't afford even 5.00 a spin haha Don't worry about the trolls.

  20. Slotty D says:

    You rock NG! Rising Fortunes is rarely good to us. Hope to see you again in Vegas next weekend

  21. Michel Cordeau says:

    Hey NG, do quick spins when the diamond rush timer is on, you will be able to get more out of the slot.

  22. Zoey Jaxon says:

    I asked myself why would you care what people think about how much you bet, this is your business. I guarantee you these people will still continue to watch simply because you're so personable. And then realize that's why you care.

  23. GamblingJo says:

    We love you for you, play how you wish, I am addicted to watching you, thru good and bad, welcome to gambling. You do your best to show us the power of your bonus and what is true about slot machines

  24. Paul Hood says:

    if it ain't fun it ain't worth it

  25. Lenora Wadsworth says:

    I enjoy all of your videos and think you should play the way you want to! It's your time and money!!

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