30 thoughts on “Bonuses On EPIC FORTUNE Slot Machine | $1,000 Problem To Beat The On line casino | EP-23”
  1. Gigi Collier says:

    Watching from Florida..good luck NG

  2. zeldanrj3 says:

    Hi NG.. Did that fish, just bark??? Hahahaaaa

  3. Kevin Overall says:

    500 was not enough at first and now even 1000 is not enough. Makes me not want to go to casinos right now after the covid shutdowns. Casinos are in a crazy money grab phase right now. I got a bonus on spin it grand a few weeks ago on a 5 dollar spin and the bonus paid $6.50. I was so mad.

  4. Ryan says:

    NG: "Welcome to my $1k challenge
    Also NG: Welcome to my $2k and maybe $3k challenge as well

  5. Brian Whitten says:

    Another good video

  6. BEN JAMES says:

    I love the win tune on that game its epic!!

  7. benigno perez says:

    saludos NG

  8. Glenda Sully says:

    Wishing you better luck next time

  9. catalina noriega says:

    Have a good luck NG

  10. Michael Bobb says:

    Sorry NG haven't been able to watch you back to work but do when I can good luck

  11. Dee S says:

    Hi NG
    We saw you at the COSMO. You were very kind and said hi to us. Thank you for the Bracelet. We won 1800 Dollars the next day. I appreciate that you are nice to your fans.

  12. MJ Slots says:

    Hi NG Thank you for continuing to make these videos for us. I wish you the best of luck in the next one!☘️

  13. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Thank NG for your daily posts. You ARE amazing. Always happy and positive!!

  14. Michael K. says:

    Don't worry NG , it's coming brotha , I would be so frustrated and angry. Thank you for still continuing to make these videos at your own expense. I wish you lots of good fortune on the next one !

  15. Art Pili says:

    I have never seen a fish so big that a kid can take a ride on one! Hahaha. Thanks for sharing NG!

  16. Debby S says:

    Wow…so many spins & fun Bonuses to watch. Enjoyed…thumbs-up for GL & support

  17. Veronica Meeley says:

    NGSLOT the slot machine is so hungry that eating all your money. Good luck, try to get all your money back.

  18. Norma Soriano says:

    Good Day from Florida,Another exciting day to watch you NG , hit the jackpot and let’s have fun!!!

  19. Laurie Pelosi says:

    You are the best ALWAYS

  20. Brenda Martinez says:

    One of my fav slots I play it at Agua Caliente and Pechangas here in Southern California

  21. Maurice and slot says:

    the challenge today is $4,500 to beat the casino, we wish you a big win….but nobody goes undefeated all the time !.

  22. Lea Upton says:

    This was a fun video! Thanks, NG!

  23. Prolific Tee Ent says:

    Goodnight Ng ,on my way to get this $$$ hope everyone’s having a blessed day be safe

  24. Cindy McIntosh says:

    I like this game so much but never win large on it.

  25. Robert Oril says:

    Such a Big Tease. Lots of close calls. Will get them tomorrow. Good Luck tonight.

  26. Gary Spaid says:


  27. William Dahlen says:

    Hi NG #1 Good luck for you and Boomba#001. I hope that you both switch casinos a little bet to see what there like. Thankyou for all your time.

  28. Kuang U says:

    Good luck bro….

  29. Lita Villanueva says:

    Tnx NG

  30. miranda Alvarado says:

    Good morning NG

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