33 thoughts on “Bonuses On RISING Fortunes & Luxurious Line Slot Machines | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-10 | EP-31”
  1. Debby S says:

    March was a tough month…new month starts today so the big wins are coming. Enjoyed

  2. Art Pili says:

    March was a horrible month, I am hoping that for April you can get some revenge. As always, thanks for showing the reality of slots buddy.

  3. Michel Cordeau says:

    Last bit beside a button slapper, so anoying

  4. Sangjun Samuang says:

    Good luck NG

  5. Jeff Harras says:

    Hey NG I noticed you have been trying out new casinos..
    The M Casino Resort Las Vegas, oh my gosh.. Huge Jackpots!! Awesome Rooms.. Not sure if they can allow to film, is good Question..
    Yes, I agree.. Harrahs So Cal is like Lame Duck, I've had over 200 jackpots in this last year there.. old rooms? still is not that good..
    I lose 250k there anyways..
    Please is Good the M Casino..

  6. Money K says:

    Good morning ng hit the grand

  7. Leslie Urban says:

    Thank you so much for your transparency! That's why I enjoy supporting you.

  8. Anoush Avetisian says:

    Better Luck, you lost a lot

  9. Aaron Davis says:

    NG, very excited to see u play the Wynn tomorrow. They have some good Tarzan, Treasure Ball, and also Monapoly, and the Encore has a great Zeus that I won $18k on last month

  10. pgast3 says:

    the endless treasures machine was removed from my local casino and it was only there for 3 months or so….they did well….just odd to me why bring them in to remove them in couple months?

  11. Ralph Bennett says:

    I got it ng , when you at cosmo I won't watch.

  12. Shar Troost says:

    Have fun today win big

  13. bob greenwald says:

    Ouch! This was painful! You need to turn your luck around!

  14. Dan Higginbotham says:

    NG my friend, couple weeks ago you discovered that smaller bets were working for you.
    Several videos ended with you up 1-2k. I pay close attention to the machines action when you start jacking up your bet. Right now, the play gets worse and you bet even higher and the play gets even worse again. Frustration sets in and you start 12-15 fast spins which I hate but I have seen you get great hits too. Nobody knows more than you about how these games play so BEST OF LUCK next season …. Come on GRAND jackpot!

  15. Julie Stock says:

    MINOR???? Your luck is already changing NG!!! Bring on APRIL!!

  16. M M says:

    Put March in the rear view mirror NG and look forward to Epic April! Always appreciate your powerful try.

  17. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    If your denom is $1 and bet bigger one, you'll get big win

  18. HTOWN GZ says:

    Which casino in las vegas do you play at

  19. Omar G says:

    Ng in my opinion take a long break from cosmo that place is a scam.

  20. Hammer Time says:

    I'm holding up a shot glass full of your favorite whiskey and toasting you having a much better month, with lots of handpays and exciting moments. Cheers.

  21. Rick Smith MUSIC says:

    Good try NG

  22. Johny bravo says:

    Your channel Sucks Now ! It went from real to fake very fast.

  23. Regal Roofs says:

    The newer slots being developed to replace the older ones in casinos are designed w/more bonus ingredients to take away more of the customer's money and replace it with smaller payouts more often to capture the play of the average player while paying out less overall in the short run. They may have a huge jackpot payout incorporated into the machine to pass the gaming laws, but the odds of hitting one of those is off the charts. Therefore…..I would recommend to the average player that plays consistently at casinos thruout the year to veer away from most of these "newly introduced" slots……if you want good-paying jackpots for short-term play. I don't call small bonus payouts a reasonable trade-off for my gambling dollar.

  24. Regal Roofs says:

    Starfish across the board with at least one multiplier can be a crazy high win just like WW2 and WW4 on the stand-alone game if you hit 5 moneybags across with some multipliers. I hit 1600 times the bet of $1.80 for a jackpot of $2880 on a linehit respin on WW4 by hitting the moneybags across with 2 lady multipliers times 6 spots.

  25. Regal Roofs says:

    Personally……I think it would be a good idea to incorporate Blackjack for sure and even Ultimate Texas Holdem into your gambling videos and portfolio. At least in those table games your odds to win are increased and also you diversify your video content and overall gaming portfolio. I think you would be able to reduce your losses and also enjoy your gaming more.

  26. weirdfreaked says:

    My favorite Casino is aria I wish you play there

  27. Tiffiany Easley says:

    You always has alot of money to pay with must have a great job.I like the games you pay keep winning

  28. Shaka Slots says:

    March Madness for real axper. May April be better to you! Good fortune NG

  29. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Love your channel NG. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you BIG wins!!

  30. guadalupe ortiz says:

    How you can do it

  31. kevin sir says:

    i am really like you
    but how any video start or end whit links games?
    thumbs down today 🙁

  32. Linda Fanelli says:

    New subscriber here enjoying all your videos! Wishing you best of luck in April!!!

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