21 thoughts on “Bonuses On TIKI FIRE Lightning Hyperlink Slot ! $1,000 Problem To Beat The On line casino | EP-10”
  1. Kozy TV says:

    I just came here to let you know how awkward your wink is in your thumbnail…

    good day

  2. Sue Alvarez says:

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  3. Timo Lemar says:

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  4. jackychannel says:

    dry slots

  5. Art Pili says:

    Good try buddy, at least you got bonus round. Thanks for sharing NG.

  6. D'Arne says:

    Every player should boycott tiki fire because it is [email protected]

  7. Pamela Sena says:

    Gl NG

  8. Charmaine Robinson says:

    Leave it.

  9. Marthese Baldacchino says:

    Thanks NG for playing Tiki Fire loved watching you play you did your very best but that machine was super tight

  10. Brandi Cox says:

    Thanks for the Videos! We play at Lumiere Casino in St.Louis and last 10 times I've been we can't hit anything! We both love playing as long as we're winning something but those machines are definitely on Lockdown! Again thank you for all the awesome videos and good luck on future wins!

  11. Al&Bel Slots says:

    Good luck NG!!!

  12. Susan Patterson says:

    I find Tiki Fire the most annoying Lightning Link game. Played it the other night and could only get the fire balls by rapid firing the spins.

  13. Mopar Fanboy says:

    Great videos as always can you try a wms vintage machine one time like mystical unicorn old kronos king of africa etc. That would be epic!

  14. Cleo Fernandez says:

    Te amo

  15. Celia Gorleski says:

    I love your accent the use of the expression "My Friend".

  16. Jim&Judy Letarte says:

    we enjoy your videos, have been watching a long time

  17. Hilda Lugo says:

    NG never disappoints!!!!!!

  18. walter mendoza says:

    Good job NG big win again

  19. Z double says:

    Let me know when they stop pushing the face diaper wearing in casinos.

  20. Vegas Pete says:

    These Challenges Are A Great Idea NG Slots Loving Them..VP

  21. Phuong Nau says:

    It so noisy in the background

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