10 thoughts on “Brazil – Jackpot Bonus Free Video games Handpay at The Monarch On line casino Brian of Denver Slots”
  1. R G Slot Wins says:

    great win

  2. Ultimate Sporting News says:

    Congratulations on the huge hit

  3. Derek Anderson says:

    Nice Hit BOD

  4. Refzz says:

    Nice hit. I have tried many times to play this game but at my local they must have sprayed pesticides because there are no butterflies in the bonuses there. Like not EVER!

  5. Dee says:

    I like B.O.D Booms great win boom boom

  6. Diane McCall says:

    How nice for you. You deserve it and many, many more!

  7. Chris says:

    Grats nice hit hope to see more videos from you

  8. Hoosier Slots says:

    Very nice hit Brian! You hit 2 handpays on Brazil that nighf didnt you?

  9. Sunshine Girl says:

    Great win, nice to see you get a hand pay!  More good luck Brian.  🙂  Question Brian – do you have to join Facebook in order to reserve spots at the Atlantis?  Thanks….

  10. June Dimond says:

    You have a very nice channel ! Keep up the good work !!!

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