1. Clint Miller says:

    I just unsubscribed bc

  2. Susan Seppala says:

    I was Rudie # 220 for almost 3 years and after going to Vegas for rudies weekend sept 2020 knew I would never watch another one of sister Christopher’s videos again!.. so very very disappointing!.. and I had no problem letting him know!..

  3. Dee S says:

    I was wondering what happened to Jason. Thank you so much for having him on your channel. I watched one of your videos a few months ago. I tried so hard to find you again but I couldn’t remember the name.
    So, today my husband said trying looking for Jason. Yay! I found you because you were I interviewing Jason on this video.
    So, I truly felt for Jason and believe every word he is saying. I experienced a big disappointment with BCSlots as well. My son passed away in July and my husband and I were never the same. We love Vegas and we found Brian’s station. It kept our mind busy. So I commented on his channel to inform him about our situation and thanked him.
    Our reply was decent.
    However, we met the REAL Brian and his assistant in Vegas. I was so excited to finally meet him. I called His assistants name and was ignored. I finally got Brian’s attention and I told him who we were.
    He said “oh I’m sorry” and he totally turned around. My husband said hi to him and he said nothing. He made us feel like we weren’t good enough to talk to.

    Oh well, today just made my belief about him true.
    I’m a mental health therapist and I’m pretty good at reading people.

    During the summer or during the pandemic, I remember him giving away a 50 dollar certificate to a winner of one of his contest to buy his own products. I believe he should have given away $50 people were out of work. Why would I want to receive money to give right back to you!!! I don’t need an expensive hand sanitizer Oh but today opened my eyes. It was for his publicity. I get it business is business. I have my own business however there is a difference between a great honest business person that truly loves people and changes lives. Not using them. So sorry for the rant but thank you so much for today and I will be watching you as much as I can.
    Love ya

  4. Kevin Nason says:

    This confirmed the vibe I have gotten for a while about things. Meet BC twice once when he first started out and then a year later a total different person in one year.. I was one of his early members, stayed 3 years to long. I left the SC's the night this aired as I don't like they way this played out. The kicked me out of the Cool Cats instantly, their bad attitude speaks louder then words. Sorry I did not find EZ sooner…

  5. Windy Cortes says:

    Because Brian has let the game go to his head. He has become such a Diva. Poor Brit . I feel for her. I hope he is paying her good for all the shit she has to put up with from him. He acts like it gets on his nerves if someone says something to her during his live streams

  6. Kel Ormz says:

    I first saw Jason on Brian chistopher’s channel and never got good vibes from Jason. There is something about him I just don’t trust.

  7. yhave1ne says:

    OMG! I had a feeling that BC was feeling some type of way because KingJason watches SDGuy's videos! I think that is the big one. SD doesn't hold back about BC!

  8. Windy Cortes says:

    If they were a true friend then they wouldn't mind promoting your channel just like you promote theirs

  9. yhave1ne says:

    I was wondering what happened with those 2? I really like King Jason and he is looking really good!

  10. Michael Fung says:

    How blind can people be to see how boring and fake slot queen is??????

  11. Diane Romanov says:

    Had some suspicion about the drama in the YouTube slots community from certain comments from different videos. Jason has always been the chill authentic one in the sea of sharks. Some of these channels call each other brother/sister/friends and at some point that disappears and I realize that there must have been some drama. Who knew slots had even more drama than the makeup queens!? Jason looks so sad. I hope he can shake this off and move on with success! Thanks for sharing!

  12. DONAVINU says:

    There can only be one queen in the castle.

  13. Kimmy says:

    Go Jason 🙂

  14. KingMel matrix says:

    Bc slots always came off to me like a snake all he care about is money

  15. India Rogers says:

    I just so happened to stumble across this video. Crazy part is I had NO IDEA of what’s going on.. but I stopped watching all them a while ago. Just felt DIFFERENT!! Brian was my everyday and after I met him I actually stopped caring to support him… I could explain the interaction but Jasen explained it key on. At first I couldn’t pin why I felt this way but clearly I wasn’t the only one that felt he changed and everyone else was just annoying lol. Thanks for this clarity

  16. Qweeknee says:

    Aawwww Jason miss you. My favorite slot channel! You work at a career and made videos plus going to the others live streams and events. You are a hard worker!

  17. Todd Payne says:

    I think you should do an investigation to the Big Jackpot. I cannot stand watching him anymore. It is ashame the slot video world cannot get along. All of you do share something really cool.

  18. Bama Girl says:

    Cannot believe I was out of town and missed this. JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the sweetest, I am a subscriber since day one because I absolutely love YOU AND DIANA!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOST NOTHING BY LOSING THOSE PEOPLE AS FRIENDS, THEY LOST. Get moved, get back in the casino with Diana and REAL friends and do your thing!!!!!!!!!!!! We love YOU!!!! Thanks Joe – you are AMAZUNG!!!

  19. Vicky Pelletier says:

    I really miss you King Jason. I don't really want to say this but I watched a video where Brian and you did a show together half on his channel and the other half on yours, anyways I found he was some what rude to you on his channel, I'm so sorry he has treated you so badly but please don't let him win come back and entertain us again.

  20. John Paulson says:

    Hilarious.. Way to much drama and egos. Just play the games or go home.

  21. Jo Strong says:

    Those that are on the bottom are always wanting to topple those on the top.

  22. Wendy L says:

    I find this so interesting. I sent Jason a pm a few days ago after watching. In my opinion, there are only a few channels that I watch (ed) where the people are sincere. (I'm sure there are alot more that I haven't watched). You can tell when someone is having fun or if it's just a job. Wayne (RIP) was one of those that had fun and a sincere friend. The "just a job" people will throw you under the bus when no longer needed and that's sad. Ask Danielle (SQ) what happened to Matthew (Slo poke). She gives the stock answer like BC does. He did her wrong. um no……Danielle, I know you will have someone read this but I saw your text messages and you were not being truthful. Just admit it, Brian was your ticket and you didn't need Matthew any longer. I saw the change, quit her patreon and never looked back. She was no longer a sincere person. I was there at Redhawk when Jason was setting up his channel or thinking about it and she was showing him the ropes so I know it's there somewhere. Keep your head up Jason. Those who use others have a long way to fall when no one is there to catch them. I do have one issue. You said you were looking into those who get the casinos to only let them record. Jason, you may want to rethink that with HardRock. Not a good look. EZ check out HardRock Fire Mountain.

  23. Sir William S says:

    The Chunky Peewee Herman drama show..

  24. Tracy Ann says:

    I love King Jason. Such a genuine person who always commented on my posts. Really appreciate you and looking forward for your return whenever you are ready xx

  25. Cynthia Stewart says:

    Jason is a genuine person and he has to watch who he makes friend went. I never met The Slots Cat but she is not the friend people think she is.

  26. Alice Davis says:

    I'm a total FAN of King Jason. I stopped watching BC, slot cats and slot queen awhile ago. I didn't like the comments they made about just other gamblers in the casino. I don't watch these videos to hear them trash people around them like, their better than those people because they have a YouTube channel.

  27. Marlene Olson says:

    I feel bad for you! Don't let assholes bring you down, you are a wonderful person, I love watching your videos! I have been where you are, thinking somebody was your friend and finding out that they are not! Life is to short to waste time on people who don't deserve your time!

  28. Casino Chris says:

    EZ Investigations are the best videos! Good Job Jason, keeping your integrity. Good Job EZ on another YouTube Slot Scoop!

  29. Kristie Bruneau says:

    So….here's my advice!!!!! If "they" aren't inside your front door when you get home, leave it outside of your life!!!! Brian is just a man, not a God. Jason, you should just leave it outside and not worry about the "small" things. Follow your heart and dreams. I think all of you are amazing and fun to watch!!

  30. Steve Smith says:

    Sd guy should of been this this vid would of been hilarious

  31. Pam Carter says:

    This is sad…I remember when the slot cats got big and then all of a sudden they get so big they move to Vegas??? WTF ?? Then I see them doing alot of drinking and Fred gets a military disability check , I don't know but it made me mad and stopped watching them all…just how I feel about. I feel that there all out to "f" who ever they can…Pretty sad.

  32. Steve Smith says:

    When the brown eye winks the hole room stinks

  33. Eleanor Bennett says:

    Jason…"you" were the one I watched every night. You are so entertaining and fun! Take care of yourself and hope to see you soon. Miss you!❤

  34. Michael Fung says:

    How petty I heard the same shit that Heidi was kind of bitchy like that good friends of mine

  35. JonesDylan874 says:

    Man, that sucks. Jason, I feel for you. You're a really nice guy, though. Don't let this discourage you.

  36. jonandterridahl Dahl says:

    Miss you Jason Please cme back

  37. 10highflush says:

    I like Jason's channel a lot. He seems genuine. I didn't realize how toxic the slot community is though. Life is too short!

  38. John Ohenry says:

    Long live the KING

  39. Dr. Ike Avina says:

    So that's why I believe Britt [email protected]*ch is wacko! She was really rude to me when I first joined the Rudies because I did not bow down to Brian when he won one of his train jackpots. I mentioned that his jackpot was great and too bad the hot streak didn't get hotter. She thought I was being disrespectful. Geez, I'm the customer not HIM!!!

  40. Lauren Franks says:

    Who knew slot channels had so much drama! Yikes sorry that happened to you. I never mix friendship and business for this reason 🙁 in the end, money wins every single time

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