1. jody dymun says:

    Bosum buddies-they were some manly looking guys in drag.

  2. Sara O says:

    More like Take that Cash. That game was super stingy.

  3. Mikey Gematria says:

    Ewwwwww tom hanks…that name gives the creepy factor these days lo!

  4. Jason Thompson says:

    Britt..You've never heard of me? Don't be ridiculous. When we saw Brian get that great bonus on Moon Race, Cousin Larry and I did the Dance of Joy hey hey hey hey hey—Balki

  5. Kris Hartley says:

    Yes, I remember watching all of those shows! Facts of Life was my fave!

  6. marsha CHARLEBOIS says:

    I wish I new when you would be there so I could meet you

  7. Alexander Lee says:

    Good job.

  8. Benjamin C. says:

    Is there a "people who are crushing on Brit fan club? " Hypothetically speaking. 😀

  9. Sunny says:

    someone needs to make up a challange where Brian has to name the symbols as they land! LOL.

  10. Diana Hunt says:

    Watched both Facts if Life and Bosom Buddies! Thanks for the video

  11. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt I used to love to watch facts of Life. Make that cash slot machine is beautiful but is hard to get a bonus. Good video!

  12. easyq1 says:

    Brian chills me out ever night so laid back never gets mad crazy when he does lose he chills me out better than my pills mayb brain can be my doctor lol

  13. Tracy Garrett says:

    While it's exciting to watch you play high limit/large bets, I feel very detached. I know I can't go to the casino and make those kind of bets. I wonder if others feel the same? I would much rather you play either minimum bet or aroud $3 to $4. Something relatable. It just seems as if you rarely lose, and is it because of the big bets, big denominations, or both? Make me want to run to that casino you're playing at! I never feel that way when you make big bets. It's just entertainment, not real life. What if you saved those big bets for weekends and bet like the little people the rest of the week so we can believe we can too? Love you, Brian, and will always watch, but detached.

  14. H. Shaw says:

    Great hit on moon race.

  15. Dar's Travel & Adventures says:

    I remember Facts of Life and Bossom Buddies, Lol! Talk about back in the day…

  16. Buzzard Slots says:

    Keep the reels spinning and coming up winners my friend! Thanks for the great video.

  17. Denise Brooks says:


  18. Burris Streaming says:

    Belkeeeeee! his nana every time she called.

  19. Tony Etheridge says:

    What an intro love it

  20. Christine Champagne says:

    I love those tv shows… my favorite shows as a kid was Chips and Emergency….

  21. Ronnie Jo says:

    When the machine is not hitting, stop the spin a couple of times to change the rhythm. It works sometimes lol

  22. Christina Mullens says:

    Good luck you guys and I hope to be in on one of your group pulls soon.

  23. Christina Mullens says:

    I used to watch reruns of Bosom Buddies, Mork from Ork and Mash. I'm 43 I have not met many other people close to my age that know those shows.

  24. Darren Jones says:

    Shine it up and line it up

  25. Andrew Arbogast says:

    Good job buddy. Looks like a blast

  26. mike l says:

    Speaking of older TV shows…have you ever heard of "Chico and the man"??

  27. Shawna Seal says:

    Quit Brian lol you are showing or telling our age I loved all them shows luv ya

  28. Joel Beam says:

    Fun video 🙂

  29. Emmy Siff says:

    I remember all those shows

  30. kev march says:

    Why do feel the need to explain everything that we already watched.

  31. Chris Atlanta says:

    Solid Bosom Buddies reference!

  32. Daryl Smith says:


  33. Mary Harris says:

    What about Mork & Mindy you remember Neil

  34. Mary Harris says:

    Good morning to both of y'all

  35. Mary Harris says:

    Good morning handsome

  36. Shannon Shaw Artworks says:

    Good evening from australia

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