41 thoughts on “Brian + Marco tackle Rocky Hole On line casino in Maryland #advert”
  1. Thomas Ralabate says:

    Hoping to visit this beautiful place in July 2021 for BC Slots Weekend.

  2. Old Gregg says:

    You should come to the casino in Charleston, WV

  3. Annette G. Falcon says:

    Nice to see Marco in this show.

  4. Ignacio Ornelas says:


  5. Gold Cowboy says:

    come to Australia where they could not even be arsed to give you free drinks in high roller room… you can get a cordial maybe .. shut the fukin front door

  6. kay regulski says:

    Marco is so gorgeous!

  7. Christina Reynolds says:

    Love to see you together…..

  8. Richard Geer says:

    Marco I agree whole heartily

  9. Patricia 22929 Roman says:

    Brian are you fluent in Espanol?

  10. MrParisbert says:

    Marco you forgot el valiente !! And the drunk es el borracho

  11. TRICIA COTTLE says:

    Marco speaks great Spanish!!

  12. Elizabeth Mish says:

    You look so happy together.

  13. Boeing Laugan says:

    I Marco your brother? Sorry for being nosey. In Maryland? You should be Merry and Bright. In Philippines its the start of Christmas celebration…Its BER (Septem-BER). tHE MUSIC IS WICKEDLY ENTICING.

  14. ernzjak51816 hon says:

    That smokin' hot stuff wont explode its pot if u keep betting to max! But it i bet lower it's easier for the pot to open! Crazy

  15. Boeing Laugan says:

    I'm confused why the slot machine is moving quiet consistently. Are you betting in your computer or phone?

  16. Jenny Carson says:

    Hi Brian and Marco

  17. Kurt Amour says:

    I’m loving your vids even without mentioning massive wins very good thankyou

  18. Judy Gilbert says:

    First time seeing Marco. This is cool!

  19. Donald Pyle says:

    New casino coming to Westmoreland County Pa. it’s opening before Thanksgiving.

  20. Debra Clark says:

    Hi Brian and Marco, you too are so cute. Good luck to both of you. Line them up.

  21. Lucy Molina says:

    Brian on Loteria Don Clemente slot, the guy with the knife is "the brave one" El Valiente.

  22. Marilee christensen says:

    Marco is totally charming. I much prefer the two of you then all the Rudies. Precxious!!!

  23. Christine Reid says:

    Who was having an anniversary brian and britt

  24. Slot Pirate Wesley says:

    What day was he actually there?

  25. Gwendolyn Johnson says:

    Wishing You Guys BIG WINNINGS!!Hit It&Quit It!! You are an Attractive Couple!!Great Personalities!!Continued Blessings!!

  26. Michelle Vasquez says:

    Is it just me or do Marco and Brian look so much alike?

  27. Lee Blanchard says:

    Lol, I would get on wicked wheel as soon as they left. The pot was getting to the boiling point. The red reaches a certain point and it boils over. You have to be patient. They started with a cold pot, which takes longer to fill and heat.

  28. Lee Blanchard says:

    What does Marco do for a living?

  29. Gretta Gomez says:

    I would like to be in your group pull

  30. Steven Lerner says:

    nice its cool that yall played together and had some good games. im like u i win i cashout lol

  31. Charles or Beth Strine says:

    enjoying seeing you together to play have a great day Beth NJ Britt will keep you both in tow

  32. LIZ LIVES LUCKY says:

    on that Ghostbusters 4D aren't you supposed to air pull the screen when you get a bonus symbol to lock in the next ones? It's like stopping the reels I think, like the 4D wheel of fortune

  33. Angel says:

    WOW Marco. Great to see you. A truly winning Team!

  34. Halngigi Slots & More says:

    Wicked wheel shows the progressives after you pick but it has to be predetermined there’s no videos of the grand anywhere

  35. Patricia Jones says:

    I ❤ BC Slots ! Love you Britt, Brian and Marco!!!!!

  36. Ramiani 65 says:

    To long duration, and not good

  37. P.B.A Greg Gunter says:

    Is he your boy toy?

  38. yolanda garcia says:

    Good luck to you and Marco! El valiente (brave one) with the machete and el borracho (the drunk) with the bottle. Loved to play the game when I was young too.

  39. yolanda garcia says:

    Hi Brian thank you for introducing me to Choctaw casino and Edgar and mighty cash! Went this weekend for the first time and hit 2 jackpots. Banza! Wore my jackpot mask and had my lucky chips with me. Forgot all my wristbands at the hotel though.

  40. Midwest SlotSisters says:

    Sooooooo Sad we missed you !! We were at Rocky Gap August 14th-18th…… We need to look at your website to check your dates !! Loved watching you and Marco play together !!

  41. Rocio Macedonio says:

    Es bueno verlos juntos saludos a todos y suerte

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