6 thoughts on “Buffalo Deluxe 💰BIG WIN💰 #on line casino #slotman #buffalo”
  1. JavaQueen says:

    Awesome win Slot Man!!!

  2. Shinobi Slots says:

    Great bonus win, congrats! I know you like playing TimberWolf – have you tried the new TimberWolf games at San Manuel? Gold, Diamond, or Legends? Seems like they're really pumping out the new Buffalo and TimberWolf games (though the Deluxe versions are still awesome).


    Good stuff slot man!

  4. gigil1212 says:

    Was this at San Manuel or Chumash? Nice win

  5. SLOT ANGEL says:

    That was amazing on a 2.50 Bet! WOW! Happy Saturday Slot Man!

  6. Blue Collar Slots says:

    That was Amazing!!

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