15 thoughts on “Buffalo Deluxe Saves Our Butts! On line casino Slot Machine Large Win Bonus!”
  1. Meya’s Coins says:


  2. Frances Mendez says:

    Get a handpay Okay $ Money Money Money

  3. Gregg Champagne says:

    Nice win Bro.. I just won over $10Grand on Buffalo Revolution last week.

  4. Vicki Scruggs says:

    You need a T shirt that says WE HAVE A COIN SHOW!

  5. Sayword says:

    Happy to say I just purchased my winner's bank. I hope to fill it up!

  6. Nakia lovelife says:

    I played at primm got down only bet 20 cents buffalo x3 x3 x3 oh I could've pinched myself for not putting more money in. That hit paid $155

  7. Visionaire TV says:

    The 50 Cents bandits strike again!

  8. Benita Johnson says:

    Y'alls Married now ❤❤,Congrats and welcome back. Go get that dang on MONEY$$ WEALTH &PROSPERITY

  9. Shannon Harris says:

    Better luck next time. I have had days like that. More than winning days. Have a great day

  10. Francisca Arroyo says:

    You guys,be safe going to the casinos, make sure you follow the rules ,clean your hands good with the alcohol sanitizer, stay away people coughing next to you,clean the machine before you uses,with the coronavirus around with need to care about love one at home,just a little tips, love yu guys ,stay healthy!!


    Sam first hand pay, that's ganna be dope. I got 2 hand pays one on 75 cent and another on $1.00 bet. Wifey hasn't got hers yet. Cant wait till Sunday. Played new wicked a few times and gave up on it. Also thumbs down on old fashion drinks but you like what you like so enjoy

  12. Nancy’s Nibbles of Life says:

    What dem casinos lookin like with this rona virus going on? Mask and gloves? Full or empty?

  13. Chirley Chirley says:

    Lol the slow lane all the way home Lol tell Sam hello we can't wait to see her 1st hand pay video tomorrow

  14. Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain says:

    Wow guys another fabulous adventure! Your energy is so fun when watching…..Cheers

  15. Deidre Pyatte says:

    Looking for her video….can't find it! ugh! I want to see her win a huge jackpot!

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