38 thoughts on “Buffalo Grand Slot Machine BONUSES!”
  1. toptenguy1 says:

    I both love and hate the "3rd wheel programmed spoiler" of this machine. Often after the 2nd wheel I close my eyes because I want to be surprised. 😀 lol

  2. skip 0464a says:


  3. Louis Bailey says:

    One of the best and realistic slot channels out there.
    No bs ….doesn't just show wins… Not afraid to show losses.

  4. Paul Eckert says:

    The game in general doesn't pay worth a darn. Buffalo gold collection or the original Buffalo pay much better.

  5. Shep Queasy says:

    I always wondered if there were lyrics to the bonus game music. Now I know "Give me some more free games. Stack up them buffaloes!"

  6. Daniel McHale says:

    Rascals music selection good love and your slot playing perfect together.

  7. Daniel McHale says:

    Women are the champions of the world.

  8. BigC Vlogs says:

    I was just in Las Vegas and anytime I was vlogging through the casino they yelled at me that I could not record. How do you get away with it lol?

  9. John McAfee says:

    Like the hair color! Certainly improved that slot machine and casino!!

  10. Miss WildLife says:

    Sounds like you are in a tunnel.

  11. Trev latham says:

    aww like you said car,nt win them all sarah better and bigger one next time x

  12. Rudy Meunier says:

    Slt bonne chance Sarah

  13. keith footlovman says:

    I use to be a big fan of the buffalo game, but I truly believe that all casinos have changed the percentage pay out on this game. To spend $300 on the game playing max or not and not get 1 spin is just crazy, I rarely if ever play it any more. Better luck next time.

  14. Louis Devault says:

    this machine requires a slap for the third wheel every time

  15. Judy Long says:

    No more card games table? @slotlady

  16. John Ortenzio says:


  17. ScumbagDaryl says:

    I stay far away from this game. I never have any luck playing Buffalo.

  18. Georgiana Page says:


  19. synseer 84 says:

    You look nice.

  20. Darrell Irwin says:

    Unlucky can’t wait till you hit jackpot that jumps off the screen

  21. Cubanguy69 says:

    Can you please play The mask slot machine it looks so fun!!!

  22. Ethan Solomon says:

    Only machine I've ever won the Grand on. Sorry that it didn't go well for you this time!

  23. Regal Roofs says:

    Most probably the worst Buffalo game slot in the whole series of the Buffalo slots created. I see zero upside to this slot and will NOT spend my gambling dollars on this one…….thank you very much.

  24. Elijah Idoan says:

    Good Luck to u Tonight Miss Lady Sara.

  25. Jubba 2020 says:

    Hey love great to see you again!

  26. Ben Tan says:

    You back home in Canada? (Toronto)

  27. Brian Weber says:

    Hall and Oates.. .Sarah Sourrrr

  28. Brian Weber says:

    Instead " buffffalooooooo" should " souuuurrrrr"

  29. Zachary Schneider says:


  30. fredkim01 says:

    This was the buffalo grand from hell, but there were hints indicating that this was the machine to run from.. typically with buffalo grands, after you get 2 wheels, and when it moves to the next frame, you know whether you are getting the 3rd wheel or not in that frame before it comes(most of you who already knows what I mean talking about, knows what I am talking about and if you want me to explain let me know where to DM you) . However, when the machine is determined not to give it to you, the machine ignores all signs foretold and just not give you the bonus rounds.. when this happens, do either of the following
    1. Put it in minimum bet, and keep force stopping the spin in hopes that the alignment gets fixed
    2. Run to a different machine (recommended)

  31. Chicano World Traveler says:

    Who among us hasn't had a bad night in the Casino??

  32. Marvin Murakami says:

    I never have much luck on these. Buffaloes are nearly extinct for me on these machines.

  33. Eddie B says:

    Unusual for Slotlady losing that longer session of playing. Looks like the machine is rigged. Better luck next time. Sing it baby.!!!

  34. Oz Doc says:

    That game sucks it doesn't pay out as often as other games. I think timberwolf pays out more

  35. Mike Palladino says:

    When machines don't hit like that try rapid firing it works sometimes for me on some games.

  36. WRANDY says:

    I hit an $850 major on $1.60 in Vegas a couple weeks ago on this game

  37. Infinimetrical says:

    This time… The buffalo was sneakier.

  38. Infinimetrical says:

    So many nasty "almosts" with the bonuses.

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