24 thoughts on “Buffalo Inferno $15/Spin – Excessive Restrict Slot Play”
  1. Penny D says:

    Booofalo ….. have you ever seen a hand pay?

  2. Mark G says:

    This thing, it is a piece of garbage! Still a great video, plenty of ammo for sure! See you on Saturday dude!

  3. K Dubz says:

    Seen this machine with over 30+ freespins

  4. Mid-South Slots says:

    Lets cut the Malarkey guys! I want robotic recitation of exactly what's happening at all times. Soooooo unprofessional

  5. Shhh Slots says:

    That is a win in my books! I think this game is the worst but I'll watch you play pretty much anything. So much love and luck from AZ

  6. B A L L E R says:


  7. Patrick Martin says:

    You call the game garbage, you talk to others leaving your viewers out of the loop then you say if you don't like there are other slot channels. OK, you talked me into it , unsubscribed.

  8. Brandon Reid says:

    “Now were on this piece of garbage” lmfaooo
    Ive never seen that machine do anyone any favors

  9. J says:

    More Terrible Content……Thank you

  10. D says:

    No stones to play it out

  11. Daniel Ueblacker says:

    Having fun is the best part….. the $125 wheel win, like getting the Mini on the Dancing Drums game….

  12. Wayne Cuffley says:

    $5 is $5 – Nice round of spins!!

  13. RickReviews says:

    New here – found you on Simons channel

  14. Sam Fusco says:

    The old Covid curl!!!!!!

  15. Paula Lenz says:

    That was enjoyable to watch. Thank you

  16. Shelley says:

    Nice video

  17. John Jacobson says:

    NJ moving that camera up for the spin is like watching and old dog trying to climb up onto the couch!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!

  18. Charles O says:

    What Ron said haha

  19. Steve Winter says:

    This piece of garbage…lol.. that's why I like ya. Keeping it real with a side of sarcasm..my kind of guy

  20. david isenberg says:

    you are right ….there are many slot channels and they all have one thing in common…..THEY ALL SUCK ON THAT MACHINE….i NEVER seen a good bonus and NEVER seen a decent line hit …. one day before i die i hope i get to see somebody win more than a finley on that POS

  21. G A says:

    " Hundred dollars anybody who hits the plane."

  22. JMoney 1510 says:

    No need to subscribe to any other slot channels. You guys are great! Love the humor

  23. cancel this says:

    To anyone who doesn't enjoy our type of fun like our south Philly swag then by all means GO GET YA FUKING SHINE BOX

  24. Glen Cameron says:

    Thanks for video.

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