18 thoughts on “Buffalo Legends Version Slot Machine – BIG WIN Free Spins Bonus in NEW Aristocrat Legends slot!”
  1. RNA Slots says:

    Seems like a good version although I am pretty sure most would probably fall back on 4 gamed buffalo gold still a good win regardless.

  2. hanging with linda says:

    when I look on the aristocrat page, I cant find this slot, but it looks like Buffalo Extreme, they say is new, it has the wheel, They also show a new Buffalo Link one in Vegas, didnt see it listed in CAlif, Iam confused on what the name is on this slot, They already have Buffalo Legends thats been out awhile, with no wheel, so confused, It shows this one in a solo cabinet at San Manuel and Soboba, omg, so confusing


    Hey! Love all the videos! I’m a new YouTube starting a new channel any advice? Thank you for the content!

  4. Cheryl McDow says:

    Congrats!!!!!! You had a couple of times 3 it just went so fast you didn't notice it lol!!!!

  5. Debby S says:

    OMG…U did awesome on that Bonus w/all those retriggers. Congrats…great profit. Enjoyed

  6. Slots of Love says:

    Now this Buffalo Game looks so fun! Can't wait to try it!


    I am loving this new game even though I haven’t seen it yet…

  8. VegasLowRoller says:

    Great win sir, and you're totally right, I can see this one being very popular with all those bonus options.

  9. KURI Slot says:

    Awesome !!! Buffalo Alert for sure! I did not try Buffalo version yet. Looks so exciting and really fun !
    Thank you for sharing great video Shinobi !

  10. Catherine Linder says:

    Way to go Shinobi! Congrats!

  11. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos says:

    Fantastic showing! Very nice! I like how this game also doesn't rip you off with those 2-coin retriggers that seem to magically disappear on Wonder 4 games whenever you get Super Free Games. Look forward to seeing what you do with the wolves! 🙂

  12. michael tipton says:

    Wow I haven't seen you this excited in a long time. I hope you do another vid on this game.

  13. HotForSlots Slot Machine Videos says:

    That was really neat. I'm not a 4 screen player, but this sure looks tempting! Nice win!!!

  14. shirley conti says:

    1.25 a game ? Omg !!! Fantastic with those bets , I'm going for it next time

  15. Cassanova Slots says:

    Well this game looks AWESOME!! My local needs it! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your win!

  16. martha posey says:

    Now this is a really good version on Buffaloes. Congratulations on your win. I can’t wait to come across this one. TFS

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