20 thoughts on “Buffalo Revolution 💰 $22/Spin ➡ NON-GROUP GROUP SLOT PULL #Problem PART 1”
  1. Nico Weisner says:


  2. Mary Dunn says:

    Tuesdays pull

  3. Tonja Tucker says:

    Better tomorrow

  4. Christopher C says:

    Tomorrow will be better!! Lets gooooo

  5. JoAnn Hodgson says:

    "Today" was good, Tomorrow bad luck….

  6. Connie Hammett says:

    it's going to be tomorrow

  7. GaryW48 says:

    Buffalo Gold will be on top!

  8. Darrell Wesner says:

    I believe tomorrow will be the better day

  9. Daria Hagan says:


  10. Bryan Ashe says:

    Tomorrow will definitely be better!

  11. Marie Sanchez says:

    Tomorrow will be better

  12. Kyle Kozlowski says:

    I think tomorrow’s video will be better

  13. Deb Mcnair says:

    I'm thinking tomorrow will be better : )

  14. tjshipp62 says:

    Today's video will be better but will enjoy both!

  15. tara scott says:


  16. Cyndi Waggett says:

    Where's part 2

  17. Terri Shedden Castelli says:

    Today was the day!!

  18. Jean Mannie says:

    Tomorrow will be better. First day will be a warm up.

  19. Myyear1966 says:

    I think today

  20. Manky McKrackin says:

    you should be trying to jam once in a while when you have 2 coins and the third spins by

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