30 thoughts on “Buffalo Stampede to a Jackpot 💰 Solely Buffalo Slots at Choctaw On line casino #advert”
  1. Bianca Donici says:


  2. Bianca Donici says:

    Inferno win

  3. Bianca Donici says:

    Good luck

  4. Bianca Donici says:

    Buffalo free games

  5. Bianca Donici says:


  6. Lina Bline says:

    I noticed the Buffalo's have been slow. Congrats on your last win.

  7. Cindy Bishop says:

    I love Choctaw! You are making me want to go!!!

  8. Diana Hunt says:

    Love that Buffalo area at Choctaw. Thanks for sharing

  9. Lance Preston says:

    Oh wait. Are you in Oklahoma right now ?

  10. Dogs or Cats says:

    Again, Buffalo full of surprises. Lots of great people on this channel. Happy Holidays Brian & Britt & everyone. Have fun guys !

  11. KML says:

    Involving Britt more in your videos had given it a new dimension and more entertaining to watch. Nice win and please more of Brian VS Britt challenges 🙂

  12. MrMotel99 says:

    Love that buffalo section at Durant! Might try to convince the wife to go tomorrow! Shouldn't take much convincing!

  13. huck stirred says:

    my ex wife was a buffalo

  14. Larry Beeman says:

    I think it should be a requirement that every time you score a jackpot Brit has to do her dragon roar!

  15. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt I’m not to find with Buffalo slot machines they are hard to get bonuses. Congratulations Brian for that hand pay jackpot.

  16. J D says:

    Nice work! I feel like I gotta see that three reel Buffalo bonus now !

  17. james jenicek says:

    Making your way to Horseshoe Hammond in Indiana?

  18. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Awesome last bonus!

  19. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Unbelievable seeing more AND more depressing bonuses! Shame on casinos!

  20. Barbara Stone says:

    Happy new year love you guys

  21. Andrew Thomas says:

    Casinos closed in Ontario Canada again. We are in Covid lockdown!

  22. Sally Guthrie says:

    Fantastic video

  23. Slot500Club says:

    Great video. Happy New Year everyone!! Sending best wishes for an awesome 2021 filled with love, peace, and lots of jackpots!

  24. Yes It’s Shonie says:

    Yes I’ve seen the progressive coin twice, unfortunately you have to get three coins!

  25. weerobot says:

    Oh Nelly…

  26. Brayden J says:

    10:36 idiot not wearing a mask. Why are people like this

  27. Kelli Z says:

    Happy New Year

  28. amy45673 says:

    Brian, you do realize the "golden" background coins are eagles? I find it fascinating your basing them off their background and not the image on the coin.

  29. Keri Ann says:

    I love watching you daily..even though I'm a silent watcher

  30. Gina Ramirez says:

    Wow awesome win Brian. We will be at Choctaw on Sat. Wonder if we will see you. Have a great week and Happy New Year.

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