1. AyeZee says:

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  2. isityou noitsme says:


  3. AngieKimm AK says:

    ooof nice try Z x btw > god of death @ 0.40p paid £317 for me whooooop

  4. Derek Mack says:

    Very much enjoy your content dude!

  5. Vinod Kr Reddy says:

    Keep rocking….. vinodnarapareddy

  6. Adrian Russo says:

    I always hope it is going well your buys.. So hope next time you will get the max win 🙂 much love Abbbey169

  7. Golden axe says:

    That was fun

  8. Avic57 GD says:

    Love the daily grind ayezee ❤️

  9. ADY ADRIAN says:

    My best win was 500x on £0.80 ,after this hit i start to like it a lot .The problem is that i never hit anything big since then,just losing and losing money .I like it but i don't like how it pays lately!

  10. Nick Furigay says:

    Does Ayezee use real money?

  11. Pedro Rocha says:

    the start on the 5k buy was good but then it died as normal! kill_switch88

  12. spezoo ahmeda says:

    twitch sunrise8b

  13. Guides mit Xeno says:

    mhhh kraken yes but no – XenomorphIV

  14. David Hall says:

    Hell yeah! Daveyhyh

  15. Lukaszkrencik says:

    Hate this slot. Lkrencik

  16. Yaznar Erkinsaw says:

    I've never seen Kraken pay well, hopefully next slot is an easy 1000x.

  17. milos stankovic says:

    Can you try like extra chilli or something like that? Milos98po

  18. Evvie Me says:

    I like this slot, it's all down to the luck of how many spins you get and if the wilds come out to play. <3

  19. Michal Filický says:

    Kinda downhill with this , sending luck your way

  20. QUOTE_ME IF says:

    The Kracken sunk the balance ship – QUOTE_ME_IF_BALANCE_RIP

  21. Timbosliceintheflesh says:

    tough one! much rather see you win. Nebula_PC

  22. Mark Smith says:

    Man, this one even made me nervous!

  23. BreadXrni says:

    hey watching but i hate kraken KEKW – najsikooo

  24. Elbrus S. says:

    Такой голос противный

  25. Sam Remillard says:

    Kraken is crack

  26. zepp says:

    Lots of highrolling action. PogChamp – zepp_GG

  27. ApexShay says:

    Can I get an AWWWYEAHHHH

  28. Graham Colborn says:

    Keep up the awesome content bro Pog colly33333

  29. _A_ says:

    5k Sadge / Achroon

  30. token guy says:

    preciate this brother

  31. David Raizman says:

    I came here to say first and the mans already got 30 comments in 30 min lol

  32. Rodrigo S says:

    You forgot to turn on the Dev mode mate! Great video as always – sargrodri89

  33. Matthew Oliver-mccormick says:

    Balls of steel doing $5k on that tilting slot. Respect R32chewy

  34. Luth Amer channel says:

    I am back

  35. roman contos says:

    Nice Vod man – dassiaran

  36. Viral says:

    Fullscreen Kracken's with x4 will pay stupid.

  37. Arsh Singh says:

    i'm only watching this video because of fossy

  38. willow802 says:

    I just turned 180$ to 31,000$ i hit a 1000x pachinko 25$ bet. Where do you normally sell btc?

  39. Supermanz says:

    I hope you grinding infinite lil devil heartstoppers for the next stream.

  40. Ltorix says:

    This game also never does it for me so it's not a too bad rip mate keep up!

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