27 thoughts on “Calling bluffs with KING HIGH! | Poker VLOG 91”
  1. JohnnieVibes says:

    Best way to connect with me: https://t.me/johnnievibes

  2. Never trust Nothing says:

    Brave verified publisher! Tip sent!

  3. lecosmique says:

    Great vid. Congrats on the meet up meet up. I hope to jump in there one day.

  4. 86 Poker says:

    nice call

  5. David Brallier says:

    Great to see a new vlog. Hope all is well and continue the grind.

  6. Antony Yang says:

    Liked before watching! Great stuff!

  7. Gage Reigns says:

    Just play some cards you little bitch !

  8. Clap Forboobies says:

    @3:55 if he check raises what are you doing?

  9. Mr. Rick says:

    You should have 3 bet the river on that 5 high hand for sure. Your thought was that if you made that move, you'd have to be repping pocket 8s. But that's with the assumption that he knew you could only be repping pocket 8s there. I wasn't there, I don't know if that villain was a pro or not…and maybe that's why you decided not to.
    Regardless, thanks for the great content as always.

  10. SaulC 420 says:

    I'll be there soon all the way from the UK

  11. Martin says:

    "Up tilt" …I know that feeling lol

  12. Rhys Campbell says:

    What happened to making 50 vlogs this year??

  13. Third Eye Liquidators says:

    Editing sucks. You cut off the hands wit he no results. Blue balls

  14. Nate W says:

    Twice you said, "at the same token". The correct phrase would be, "by the same token" or, "at the same time".

  15. Joe says:

    No Cannonball?

  16. ben dova says:

    looked like a fun super spreader event

  17. Chapman Paret says:

    That river raise with QJ was sexy.

  18. consciousconscience says:

    Pot on the first hand river before the last bet was 415 not 315, sizing makes more sense now haha

  19. yavine Brewer says:

    Phil Hellmuth would have cussed you out for that. Oh wait he blocked you

  20. The Poker Student says:

    Hey what stakes are you guys playing in your virtual meetups?

  21. Andrew Meyers says:

    Giving any of your "money" out? Good Vibes brah

  22. Ty Hawkins says:

    Vibes for prez 2024!!!!

  23. Andrew Meyers says:

    Please tell me you are not "Woke"

  24. Jose Marquez says:

    Wanna be part of johnnie squad

  25. Jonathan Wong says:

    seems like you went for thin value in many of these hands especially on the river. That’s one thing i struggle in

  26. CerealMilK says:

    would you hav efolded a check raise 2.5x on that first hand? very risky bet there. only hand youre targeting is AQ. but i know its hard to check back middle set. but wondering if he check raised you 2.5 or 3x would you have folded or called

  27. Laker Fan says:

    Wish you vlogged more bro. Definitely one of the goats.

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