17 thoughts on “Cambodia's On line casino Increase City, Created By Chinese language Cash | The New Silk Highway | CNA Insider”
  1. Jarrod Yuki says:

    ill go count cards. everytime a new casino opens ill count the cards and earn the max. once my profile is over.

  2. Kouy Kaing says:

    What the FK over 100 Casinos What is the Government thinking off? This is killing the locals These taxes dollars won't go back into the locals. I feel sad for these local store owners.

  3. eureka tan says:

    This is the only thing good about covid. There's no one who would come to these places but the locals are also affected

  4. Terrence Linder says:

    They, the Chinese government have turned Cambodia into a cash laundromat and they won’t stop until they have all of Asia.

  5. Puppy Man says:

    Cambodia can sign a CECA agreement, the locals will be happy with it.

  6. RT Vlog says:

    Chinese rich (billionaire) they started make a business not only in Sihanoukville they spread all over around the world

  7. Andrew Sam says:

    Bring us our old sihanoukville back pls

  8. Papapa Lan says:

    50:25 https://youtu.be/H2euR-EvhKk ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Kara Kaki says:

    I rather go to Malaysia Genting Casino.

  10. Test1 Test2 says:

    The fine arts of chinese colonization of a country. Instead of using bullets and bombs they use tons of money to facilitate building casinos,infrastructure and bringing in their mafia.

  11. Kim Hong says:

    សួស្ដីតើអ្នកត្រូវការបុគ្គលិកដែរឬទេHello, do you need staff?

  12. willie says:

    I like Vietnam. The Chinese wouldn't dare to trample their nation like that. Actually, they did try up North in border town like Quang Ninh where there were $0 tours in which the Chinese tourists are brought to Chinese shops (hoding behind Vietnamese names) only. Knowing this, the Vietnamese govetnment got rid them rightaway. The Vietnamese are very vigilant about that.

  13. Travel Xplorer says:

    Nom Peng? Its pronounced P'nom Penh

  14. BlueRice says:

    the history, between camobodia and china dated ancient times. today, china is different. china communist party is only for themselves. they donated billions but in return to keep ties and prime minister hun in power. the real helper i see is Japan. Japan donated to Cambodia for real economic growth. since its at government level, they kinda said softly that the donation all went to the corrupted government and not the country. of course they cant express to much it might hurt the relationship. cambodia need to find a way to learn from japan more

  15. Hroom Os says:

    Las Vegas, Macau, Malaysia etc … That call free market as I hear from them.. So what is different? fake news

  16. Y Nguyen says:

    Tourist remeber !..Dont Gambling here ? Your wallet will be Broken, Never WIN ?

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