14 thoughts on “🔴 Can’t. Cease. Taking part in. HIGH. LIMIT. SLOTS! 🛑 Let’s Get ALL THE JACKPOTS @ Arduous Rock LIVE”
  1. J S says:

    Can we see the chanlage here

  2. Cyndy Rodriguez says:

    This is my home casino. Would love to watch you in action. How long are u guys in town?

  3. SusieAspen says:

    "Whoever makes this machine should be ashamed of themselves to put their name on it……." lol.

  4. Kana Jarai says:

    Go Raja goooooooooo

  5. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Five Star rating on both Facebook's LIVE Stream too! Who is ready for The GRAND, The SUPER GRAND, come to DADDY! Facebook LIVE, was Super Fun and Super Hot! ROCK onnnnn! TBJ

  6. Michelle Starman says:

    THOSE ARE THE machines I used to play lol before I went broke

  7. The Little Jackpot Sports Picks says:

    Shout out to The Big Jackpot and all The Little Jackpotters who followed my Eagles Moneyline Play on my channel, You CASHED IN BIG!!!

  8. Tray Potts says:

    Sumbody acting like you saying I won 5,000 just need all my info loo

  9. ralph Gayo says:

    You just paid for the cost of the last machine..lol,get it back on the next machine

  10. DJ Dynomite says:

    Nice casino

  11. Crystal Johnson says:

    Can I get a autograph

  12. Helenena WashingtonClopton says:

    Increase the Bet!!!

  13. bulldog andfamily says:

    Hi Rodger from australia

  14. Slot Reality says:

    You got to watch all this live.

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