13 thoughts on “Capturing at Oneida On line casino in Inexperienced Bay, Wisconsin – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE”
  1. J Rice says:

    YUUUUUGE!!! Expect banks next.

  2. TheOldstufffan says:

    I started watching you after the insurrection in January. Unlike then you were the only live streamer to cover this. Love your coverage news and severe weather. Impressed by the length of the stream.

  3. wouter de wilde says:

    Stop talking during the scanner.

  4. Marlene Cardinahl says:

    12 midnite on 26-1 was first time I could find a conference a d it was real short— 3 dead uncludes shooter and 1 shot-

  5. Marlene Cardinahl says:

    Guns don’t shoot off by themselves — Crazzzzy people do this

  6. Ant Williams says:

    Aaron Rodgers didn't even leave yet and this happens

  7. T P says:

    Thwarting people's opinions IS AN AGENDA!

  8. Silence DoGood says:

    Let’s ban inanimate objects that will help.

  9. TheRewdy40 says:

    USA is in a mess! Aye trump was right and Mexico needs to build that wall, Canada too! Keep them contained! Lol! Sorry to all the decent Americans!

  10. CNRMAX says:

    This is really really recent

  11. sparkuri says:

    Sure seems like there's an uptick, I WONDER WHY.
    Get your "vaxxes" & 5g folks, the inanimate objects are taking on a life of their own.

  12. K Lee N says:

    Steve I did not even know about this. Thank you.

  13. LilyoftheValley says:

    Cynthia Moon has demonstrated tonight that she does not have what it takes to be a good mod for the great Steve Lookner.

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