37 thoughts on “CASH Poker Vlog Flopping High Set & Going all in horseshoe on line casino Episode 108”
  1. chips mcgee says:

    Bang this bros like button. Just sayin. Its worth it.

  2. Jeff Stimson says:

    Wow set over set over set! Great lay down. Got away cheap!! Great video Tony! Keep grinding my friend!

  3. Alan Thompson says:

    Just something to think about man. If he is leading out with 75. Maybe not rip it in that situation. You have to think about what would he bet with with 4 hearts out there and what could you beat him with? Would he lead out with 4 hearts out there and he wasn’t holding a k heart or j heart?

  4. Crosschexx Sports says:

    Why shove on the last hand? You could of just called the $75. If you just call you don’t go broke with the second nuts.

  5. jim jones says:

    Wait so you turn a boat on the AA hand and you want to raise a $50 bet into you but you don’t want to scream strength so you min click to $100 which literally SCREAMS strength?

    This makes zero sense

  6. 410 Drone & Travel says:

    Wow good climb back!!! Love the Vlog

  7. sabrina martineau says:

    Good job babe!!!

  8. Danno 50 says:

    I go south when I'm drunk. Yes, it is quite dirty.

  9. Brian Williams says:

    Your sizings are not do wonderful. Good players will crush you. But they held which is very nice. Do you only min raise when u got it??

  10. Scott Walker says:

    3 mins in and I can tell you’re a fish

  11. gee wizz says:

    Why no Pot amount graphics? No bet amount Graphics either?

  12. Mason G says:

    Wow awesome episode… sorry for your loss

  13. Zeke Bones says:

    So aside from just not being a good player you took money off the table? Probably one of the top 5 scummy things a poker player can do and you apparently do it all the time? Wow

  14. Jamar Ross says:

    If you described it right, you had a hand where it was set over set over set. If you want to play the YouTube game to get views, you have to hype that in the description. Never mind based on your commentary, you folded it with no thought at all with middle set.

  15. Mark Wagner says:

    "Gettin it in good" means something different than what occurred there on the last hand. You got it in bad and it stayed bad. There's a reason they call AJ parking lot

  16. Don Eliasson says:

    Congrats on the 2K subs

  17. Sheck Jesus says:

    Holy moly set over set over set! Great lay down I know I wouldn’t have

  18. jec027a says:

    Sorry for your loss

  19. Old Man Cannabis says:

    That AJ hand u said at the end that u got it in good but u didn't. When all the money went in on the turn his King high flush was ahead and beating ur Jack high flush. U played that hand pretty bad man and actually I think u played every hand bad besides folding ur middle set when top set and bottom set were showing so much strength. Min raises are always the nuts so thank u for reminding me if someone min raises at small stakes to fold but other than that I think ur vlog is one of the worst on youtube. I wouldn't be so negative and writing this comment if it wasn't for u admitting to going south and taking money off the table that u weren't allowed to. The dude that felted u on that last hand was shorted $100 if he had u covered by over $100 so if I was him I'd be pissed. I'm not him and still kinda pissed so I'm gonna unsubscribe lol

  20. PokerQ says:

    Omg what a punt with Jh

  21. Shawn Fogelman says:

    Hey Tony, when the fourth heart comes out on the turn card and your Opponent bets $75 into you, you have to fold. They’re not bluffing at a one dollar/3 dollar table. You should come down to hard rock Cincinnati and or Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg. Games are always good down here. Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg has a 1/3NL game with a $500 max buy in

  22. James A says:

    Great fold with middle set. But you are right, what a brain fart going all in with the flush unless you thought it was a bluff. Though It happens to me as well,

  23. Jenny M. says:

    Sorry for your loss. My condolences, stay strong.

  24. IndyBill says:

    Hey Tony, I understand taking your high hand money off the table but I'm not sure about the other $100 you pocketed. When did you take the extra off the table? That's kind of a no-no, it's called "Going South" if you did it during normal game play.

  25. Mike Wheeler says:


  26. Patrick Murphy says:

    Thanks for posting. Please stop it with the minimum raises. You are pricing in any draw. I don’t get the strategy. The AJ hand—-tough to fold that.

  27. Sherman Wilson says:

    I hate that. Person knows he got the nuts but still wanna see your hand!!! Bs

  28. Jim W says:

    On last AJ hand even if you noticed K hearts not out there I would have gone broke too. I would never fold that.

  29. Tymtofly2382 says:

    Really sorry about your loss! Keep up the good grind 🙂

  30. Jeff Haberman says:

    That guy in the last hand was a schmuck. Asking you to show first when he had the nuts! I hope karma gets back to him.

  31. Charles Foutch says:

    Always remember any hand with a jack in it is a bad hand. K/J is worst hand in poker.

  32. TheUrbanHousewife16 says:

    Good session

  33. Jack Sanchez says:

    Sorry for your loss. Good video

  34. NotTheNuts says:

    No better feeling when you flop top set, some fool calls your flop bet with nothing but middle pair, you turn the boat while he turns trips and he can't FATHOM a world where he's behind.

    Incredible fold with TT – so hard to get away from that.

  35. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker???????

  36. Stratos Nicolaidis says:

    Easy fold. Set of 10. I put him on 8.9 .
    Up and down and he got there.
    But fuck me. All ,3 of U flop sets.
    U know the odds of that happening is.

  37. TNGShank says:

    Hahahaha damnit tony jamming that AJ makes 0 sense

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