18 thoughts on “Cashing Out A MASSIVE TITO At Isle On line casino!”
  1. zak archer says:

    You ever get the urge to flip one of those fuckers on their side?? I do almost every other machine haha

  2. Desmond Castro says:

    Man ! He always be taking all the mon3y!

  3. Bert K says:

    How’s that mushroom smelling

  4. Elizabeth Millar says:

    Whenever you start to see “9” on your games? The central server is “blocking you” and you are on “the take down”. Machines have random number generators, but the casino sets the “payback” and “session payback”. Always use cash and “get up and stretch” as they have “sensors” for a “new player”. Watch how your “stuck machine, “eating your ticket “ all of a sudden starts to light up, as it thinks your a new session . Unfortunately, this is the game they play. I live in Vegas, I inow. Outsmart the f*ckers. I do 😉

  5. Kim Boyer says:

    Hey Brian, when you say "Alright" you sound like Linda off of Bobs Burgers. Makes me laugh.

  6. Motor City Scratchers says:

    New friento the channel was in your live tonight! Thanks for sharing and have a great night!

  7. Jacob Brown says:

    I love your singing my mom is so proud of me because i have skills!!! LOL You do sir, i have to say i use your methods and lately i have been winning left and right!! Thank You!!

  8. Life Style says:

    Hello sir, I'm from the Philippines, good luck and I hope you win always,

  9. Christine Khoshabeh says:


  10. Kosal Hen says:

    Hi SDGuy good videos good win and fun

  11. Kj says:

    No taxes. Worth it!

  12. Jo Bacchus says:

    omg that was fun, great retriggers on Dragon Lantern

  13. Cheryls Adventures and Slots says:

    Would love to join a group pull.

  14. ronny k says:

    Geez, you crushed that game, ya'bastard!

  15. Tracey Stevens says:

    You have a better variety of machines in the midwest than I do in South Florida.

  16. Paulie Costa says:

    You still haven’t checked out my piano music! What r you waiting for? Search ASguy

  17. Becky T says:

    great video. Going to take a nap in case you go live tonight

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