25 thoughts on “CASINO (FREEBANDZ) " COOL" SHOT BY LA_Production Prod by Cicero”
  1. Joe A says:

    Casino is hella slept on!

  2. Swedish Fish says:

    Get in shape already you fat fuck

  3. PLYR J. Adom says:

    Dats a cool 100 thousand dollar diamond rope ☄️☄️☄️

  4. PLYR J. Adom says:


  5. Alan Champagne says:

    1:38 I thought he was going to rhyme "front" with "month". That threw me off.

  6. Pat pat says:


  7. Pat pat says:

    he raps sing and a beat master you have my word hes good

  8. Pat pat says:

    i wish you would sign my son he is really alsome

  9. Pat pat says:

    i like he fact that your working towards helping your people and future

  10. Pat pat says:

    i no where it came from a movie its mastered and better i respect you and your music and team

  11. Pat pat says:

    love this beat

  12. DJ Slapademiks says:

    They need to call that Casino and Future collab album "Best of the Same World "BOSW!!

  13. Wayne Butler says:

    Sound like a Double D Hit…

  14. Trunks moh says:


  15. deandre williams says:

    Another terrible one by Casino.

  16. Gustavo TommyG says:


  17. Erik The Best Realtor Stanley says:

    Ez bossman

  18. Conqwiztadore22 says:

    hot, i dont know why it doeznt have more views

  19. Ju Official says:


  20. Lionaire says:

    why he look like somebodies auntie with that tight ass shirt on, lol he look soft asf rappers these days smh

  21. Atown Major says:

    my like made 1k

  22. james collins says:

    Countin 100 000 on your bi forhead..lol BM CASINO

  23. charles francoeur says:

    I made it flood bossman

  24. Ryu Roush says:

    A Kool

  25. Darrell Garner says:

    Real Weak!!!

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