6 thoughts on “CASINO GAMES LIVE WITH THE DETROIT SCRATCHERS! Loopy Time, Roulette, Slots, Bonus Buys! !stake”
  1. Detroit Scratchers says:

    We had a blast with Carson last night! Awesome stream, bud. Can't wait til next months collab.

  2. HelperIndieGames says:

    G. Dark fantasy ARPG – She Will Punish Them (Beta.HD)

  3. Soyner says:

    28:41 This quote didn't age well.

  4. Tarek FFF says:

    i just love those guys !! they are so funny !! I wish you do more steams with them !

  5. E BAY says:

    Hi Carson, Commented during the livestream but you get so many I figured it would be better to post this for you. Just wanted you to know 1 of the reasons at times when there is a discrepancy between likes & viewers. In my case I was on my PC last night & gave you a like. Usually however I watch on my TV. When I am on the TV I cant give likes as I am not able to sign in. So while you see me in the numbers as a viewer sadly I am not able to hit the LIKE Button. Love your vids! Even the Mrs. Likes you & she is not into any of the casino/slot channels I watch yet she will watch yours! Just wanted to give you a heads up on that so you know there are times myself ( & maybe others ) Cant give a thumbs up for reasons beyond our control :-(.

  6. Shar Troost says:

    Good luck

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