27 thoughts on “CASINO ROYALE | Tanker Chase”
  1. Jonny 7 says:

    You missed off the best bit derrrrrrr

  2. charles s. sturdivant says:

    So Good !

  3. Attlanttizz says:

    Somebody talked …

  4. The Barbarian says:

    Right through the luggage van….. Knickers and sex toys everywhere…. And that would just be MY suitcase.

  5. manta says:

    a 007 movie filmed at the top gear test track with fifth gear present on the set….. what a combo

  6. Cubsfan122112 says:

    why wouldn't the other drive of the transport vehicle just get out of the way. why keep going head on?

  7. Nostalgia says:

    Daniel Craig is/was a flawless James Bond, Surely going out with a bang in No Time To Die. Can’t wait to see what they cooked up

  8. Bryon Letterman says:

    The best Bond film from Craig yet.

  9. DLDrillNB says:

    Pretty sure the entire airport would've shut down the second that bus exploded lol.

  10. Prasad Kadam says:

    Stamina of Daniel's is good than this movie.

  11. Mohammed Musna Imran says:

    I never thought Daniel will be the James bond in this movie I never watched the poster off the movie I wanted to keep it a surprised after watching him I said to myself that he was in the movie of Lara croft with Angelina jolie and he is the best bond ever perfect for bond role

  12. Duncan Sherman says:

    I remember this scene really well, it was the first Bond movie I ever watched

  13. Евгений Zh9 says:

    Кто тут от сылки про аэрофлот?))

  14. Matthew Brown says:

    all i am saying is Indiana Jones beat of 12 Nazi's and still got to drive away with the truck.

  15. luke ketchum says:

    3:21 Looks like he was certainly blown away by the action!

  16. Mynce Sackcloth says:

    Giving Bond a Terminator-ish look was the better move compared to other Bonds who come off as invincible. You'd think they'd kill him in this movie but he Bond. I at one point in my life sustained the same kind of injuries (from an extremely severe bicycle accident) suffered a smashed and heavily mutilated face like Bond in this scene and I wasn't expected to survive for the time being and took 2 years to heal up completely. Goes to show, its only a movie.

  17. Geoff Rogerson says:

    Not sure I would fire automatic weapons at a tanker truck from such a close range

  18. Sandro Maccheroni says:

    The best Bond ever!!

  19. haloweenm loco says:


  20. Stan Patterson says:

    Man, that bad guy (stealing the fuel truck) can take a beating and then hand it right back to you. Tough sob. That, or 007 couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag, lol

  21. Mando says:

    Casino royale, thunderball and diamonds are forever are my top 3 bond films

  22. Bracchi Bidodu says:

    I love this movie!! The best Bond of all time!! Can't wait for No time to die!!!!

  23. Alexey says:

    Dispatch tower:
    – no worries there just a little mess please keep landing/ taking off as normal

  24. Darryl Ruiz says:

    You left out the part when the terrorist blows up..and Bond smiles

  25. Ilario Depacis says:

    The best Bond!!

  26. KowboyM says:

    Thought they were guna show the part where the cop pumps the action of the 12gauge at Bond when they detain him

  27. Edo Scarni says:

    The biggest Bondmovie of all time!!

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